Teams pricing feedback: Pro is restrictively expensive in the eyes of business owners.

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This is a long reflection after several months of trying to justify the worth of this product to a few small enterprise business owners.

I've gone back and forth on this in two different businesses and the only thing stopping me from doing company wide role out of 1Password Teams Professional is the cost per/user, particularly when owners start looking at the cost per/user of competitor solutions.

Let me start by saying that the Standard team plan is next to useless in an organization that has any sort of hierarchical roles or access. IE: If you are not a co-operative or something similar, Pro is the only option that can be reasonably considered.

12/user/month USD ($15 CAD for us Canadians, despite the fact that you're a Canadian company), is too much for a SMB/Small Enterprise to justify, especially when there are competing products for less per/month that offer more features.

My views of the comparatively much more robust security of this platform and confidence in your development and support of the productn don't hold much value when I'm telling a business owner that the cost will be 25 staff x $15/month = $375/month.... for a password manager. Something that amounts to a one-trick pony in the eyes of a business owner.

In one of these cases, they own upwards of 20-30 1Password4 licenses and have been using the stand-alone version + Dropbox for the last 3+ years. It has proven to be dangerous to manage and audit however.

To give you a different comparing point. This would cost us more than our Office365 accounts, without taking into account that they offer CAD pricing.

Points that are killing my ability to deploy this product on mass:
-The lack of CAD pricing is frustrating if not somewhat insulting to Canadian companies. You aren't the first Canadian company to do it, and you wont be the last, but you're making it more difficult to justify adoption.
-The lack of tiered pricing of any kind, particularly when taking into account the high per/user cost.
-To have what I would acquit to being basic enterprise features, your 'pro' plan is 4 to 5 TIMES more expensive than competing alternatives

We will continue to use Teams Pro for Director level positions, but I'm now being forced to investigate every other option out there for entry level staff, even if that means going with something I would loath to deploy like LastPass Enterprise or Dashlane.

Please consider re-evaluating your pricing to bring it in line with competitors, offer CAD pricing, and/or consider giving tiered pricing that is cheaper per/user as user count increases.

If I look at the top 5 competing enterprise password managers out there, the most expensive plans are $4/month/user USD or less(unless you're doing on-premise deploys). This is what business owners discover when you present the per-user/per-month cost to them if they want the features that are deal breakers.

The difficult of this situation is made worse but the lack of Access Control features. In order to achieve something similar to what a $4/month/user plan would Net us with a competing product, we have to pay:
$15 CAD per-user/per-month PLUS $6 USD per-user/per-month for DuoSecurity (Duo Access) plan, to get IP access filtering.

Thank you for hearing me out.

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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @DariusR

    I’d love to put you in touch with someone on our team who specializes in this area. Would it be alright if I have them reach out to you directly via email?

    Thank you!


  • Hi Ben,

    That would be great!

    Thank you

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    Excellent. Someone should be reaching out soon, if they haven’t already. :)


  • Hi @Ben

    By what channel will I contacted? I don't think anyone has attempted to contact me yet.

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    @DariusR you should have received an email at the email address you have registered here on the forum. I’ll follow up to make sure it has been sent.



  • @Ben Jason got in touch! Thank you

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    You’re welcome! I hope Jason was able to help but if you have anything further please feel free to get in touch.


  • For anyone that comes across this post and may be facing similar challenges, I would encourage you to reach out to Agile Bits.

    This interaction made clear for me that they care about this type of feedback and are willing to situationally work with their customers to find resolutions to unique challenges.

  • john_mjohn_m

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    Thanks @DariusR! Indeed, our business team here are always happy to chat with folks about their specific situation, and to do what they can to find a solution that works. :chuffed:

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