Chrome OS extension on MacOS

That was a great surprise when I logged in my MacOS and beta chrome OS extension was there, fully operational. I didn't realize that would happen.

My question: can I uninstall MacOS app and Windows/Mac Chrome extension (and keep only this beta Chrome OS one)?

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  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    Hi @DiegoVR -- Glad you liked it! Chrome user profile ubiquity FTW. :)

    The answer to your question is really up to you. If you never plan to use any browser other than Chrome, then sure, go ahead and delete 1Password for Windows and 1Password for Mac if you prefer. However, that's the price you'll pay: you'll be limited to only Chrome (at least, for the present) in your use of 1Password (or actually logging in to your account online). But we're OK with that if you are. :)

  • jbkendrickjbkendrick Junior Member

    This is late to reply to this post, but in case anyone ends up on this thread let me add the following. Chrome OS users need a browser-only solution (or I guess an Android solution), and when Lastpass was having trouble a few months back, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that 1Password, which I had used for years on OS X had a web-based solution by way of a Chrome extension.

    After using the extension for several months, I can say that it absolutely works, and I like the extra security of the secret key, something extra that lastpass doesn't have. In addition, the interface is more seamless when copy/pasting creds than that of Lastpass. I also love the fingerprint authentication on Android.

    So I deleted my LastPass account and have fully embraced 1Password. A great solution for Chromebook and Chromebox users! J

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @jbkendrick - thanks for the kind words! It's not our job here to comment on competitors products, but we're certainly glad you found 1Password meets your needs. And yeah, we're pretty jazzed about 1Password X -- it's still young, but we think it may very well be the future of 1Password. :)

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