Typing a "/" when tagging autocompletes, really annoying for groups

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I really like the new view for tags and started to tag my entries. When I add a tag with a slash however, as soon as I type it, the next suggestion gets autocompleted forcing me to delete everything up to the slash manually. This happens in any entry, not just the one you're currently editing.

I've recorded a small GIF of the problem: https://imgur.com/pRyNTWp

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    Welcome to the forum, @hpz13! Thanks for the GIF and for the suggestion, but (although this is new and still in beta, so I could be wrong), testing it out here for myself, I think it's working as intended. If you don't want to have it autocomplete, just keep typing. There's no need to accept the predictive typing, then have to backspace to erase the portion you don't want.

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    Hey @Lars and thanks for your reply. The problem is, that I have multiple tags in other entries, for example "app/github", "app/google" and want to tag more items. Now I want to tag something as "app/something" and as soon as I type the "/", the first suggestion gets accepted automatically, even though I didn't want that. I just wanted to type that literal "/" in there and I don't see why that would autocomplete the first suggestion.

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    @hpz13: Ah, thanks for clarifying! I don't think we're going to change the delimiter just for you, but I'd be interested to hear more about your use case. At first glance, it seems like you were kind of trying to do something like this in the first place, and that having those automatically become nested tags would just make it more usable. For example, before, you'd have had this:


    Whereas now, you should have this:

    L github
    L google

    Is that really undesirable, and, if so, why? :)

  • @brenty I do want nested tags, what I am complaining about is actually adding those tags to my entries. Maybe I'm just being oblivious to another way of tagging things, but to me the way I have to add new nested tags (in our example "app/") requires me to accept the suggestion and then delete the part I don't want as seen in the GIF.
    I am tagging a lot of entries which were never tagged before because I want them to show up in the pretty cool new sidebar.

    If you want to reproduce my exact problem, let's do this:

    1. Create a new Vault
    2. Create an Entry called "GitHub Account", tag it with "app/github"
    3. Create a new Entry called "Google Account". In the tags area, start typing "app". You will see "app/github" as first suggestion. Thats cool, but now type the "/". You will see that instead of being able to just continue writing, "app/github" gets accepted and autocompleted. But I wanted to tag this as "app/google", so now I have to backspace "github" away and put "google" in.

    Maybe that makes more sense with this description? I'm feeling really dumb right now.

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    @hpz13: Aha. Thank you! It's not you, it's me. :blush:

    Anyway, I'm up to speed with you now. Thanks for your patience! I thought you were trying to make tags that actually included / as part of a single tag. My mistake. I agree that there's room for improvement in this scenario. I'll fill an issue for that and we'll see what we can do. In the mean time, you may find it helps a bit to manage tags in the sidebar. There, you can easily rename an existing tag, and also drag multiple items to it at once to tag them. Thanks for bringing this up!! :)

    ref: apple-286

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