Moving items between vaults more readily?

Perhaps I am at fault, but I only recently became aware of the ability to create separate vaults. This gives me the ability to move around and organize my data in the way I see fit, quickly filtering out professional and personal logins and such. The only problem is I realized this after amassing over 150 various credentials all in one vault. Right now it seems that my only option is to move over one at a time by clicking on an item then {copy and move} then selecting it’s new vault. But, for 150ish credentials I simply can’t follow this procedure. Is it possible to add the ability to be in maybe an edit or mover mode which allows one to select multiple credentials and move them to a different or new account? Perhaps this would segue well into the ability to covert credentials between types (for example if I put a software liscense info in a memberships category, this would allow me to “convert” between the two).
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    Hi @carson,

    Different categories store their data a bit differently, so you can not change categories of an item, but you can move items between vaults easier than one at a time.

    When you are in an item list, pull down on the list and tap "Select Items…" - then tap the circle at the top to select all, or select just the ones you want to move. After that, tap Copy or Move and it will move all of the selected items.


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    You might want to note that the process you are referring to does not work on a macOS or Windows computer. You have to use command or control-click to select items there.

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    Thanks for mentioning that, @frankly.

    Because carson posted about this in the iOS Beta category, Kevin was providing help for moving/copying items in 1Password for iOS. He also linked to the support article with instructions for doing it in 1Password on other platforms. :smile:

    I'm closing this older discussion that started last October. Feel free to start a new one about anything else that comes up with 1Password that we can help with. :smile:

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