How to perform backups without macOS

I'd like to keep my own backups of my vaults (I also want to make sure I can eventually export everything if I chose to move out).

I noticed this article, but it looks like I basically NEED macOS if I want to do backups or full exports:

  • The webUI isn't listed and doesn't seem to have the capability.
  • I have an iPhone, but it looks like one requires a computer running macOS for that, so it looks like I can't really do backups via the iPhone either.
  • 1Password X isn't listed either, so it looks like it's not possible using it either.

Is there ANY way to do backups/exports without macOS or Android? Before I move all my stuff INTO 1Password, I want to make sure I won't get locked in forever.

1Password Version: n/a
Extension Version: 1.7.3
OS Version: Linux 4.16.11-1-ARCH
Sync Type: 1Password


  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @WhyNotHugo: To be clear, automatically backs up everything offsite. So I think what you have in mind is exporting data. But indeed, currently only the desktop apps have this capability -- Mac and Windows. It's a big problematic on mobile devices -- especially iOS; but it is something we'd like to add right in itself so it could be done from the browser. I'm sorry we don't have more options available currently, but we'll continue to work on more, and these at least are available today.

  • Indeed, what I have in mind is exporting data (whenever I move into a service, I like to make sure it's not a one way road).
    I only have access to multiple Linux machines (using 1Password X) and iOS. Is exporting on either on the roadmap?

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @WhyNotHugo: That makes sense. As I mentioned above, we'd like to offer an export option through the web app, but I can't say for certain when that could happen.

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