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We have one iMac, two iPhones and two iPads. We have an iMac with a licence (Version 7) and an IOS Licence. We were using the same Apple ID across all devices, do keeping the data in sych via iCloud wsas not an issue. We are changing that, such that my iPhones and iPads will have one apple ID. My husband's iphones and iPad will have another apple ID AND our iMac will have the same apple ID as my husband is using. Nothing synchs properly any more. What do we have to do, to change this. We are not a fan of subscriptions and would rather not have to purchase one if we did not have to. Let us know what we need to do. Thanks.


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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @Jaybar48

    iCloud does not support sharing 1Password data across Apple IDs. As such you would need to select a different sync provider in order to accomplish this. 1Password Families membership would be the ideal solution, as it was built from the ground up with this type of usage in mind. If you'd rather not use a membership the only real alternative may be Dropbox, depending on your setup. In order for Dropbox to work reliably in this scenario everyone would need to use the same Dropbox account. If that would be acceptable then you may consider that option:

    Sync your 1Password data

    I hope that helps. Should you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to ask.


  • Hi Ben

    Can you explain the family membership? Is it a subscription? If we do convert to a subscription, how do we get credit for the version 7 license we just purchased? How do we set this up?



  • normskynormsky
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    1P Families is another subscription service of AgileBits, that can be used by up to 5 families (doesn't have to be a family, but can be a friend or someone you know). The pricing for this tier is $4.99/monthly. Imagine you have five (5) 1P subscription accounts for just $4.99/month?

    I do suggest you get this plan, especially you have a family who uses the same product. Plus, this will save you guys a lot of money, versus paying for standalone app per devices.

    This will also sync your data across your devices instantly and automatically. You can also share data or docs to a family member much easier. Or limit what others can access if you wish to.

    To know more about Family plan perks, please check it out here:

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    If you have already purchased a 1Password 7 license and wish to switch over to a membership, please send an email to that effect to [email protected] and someone will be with you to help with that as soon as they can.

    ref: YWH-92834-544

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