"Create account" picks an objectionable default username and doesn't ask for confirmatio

I created an account because I have an issue to report and email support is temporarily suspended.

I chose a preferred display name. When I clicked Submit, in one fell swoop, this forum website told me that the name was already taken, changed the display name to my last name, and completed account creation with my last name as my display name.

This is unacceptable behavior. My last name is pretty rare and thus effectively identifies me as one of a handful of people, only 2-3 of whom make much use of the internet.

Then, when I went to change my display name in the preferences, it prefilled the dialog with MY FULL EMAIL ADDRESS.

This is absurdly bad behavior for forum software. Please look into it.



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    Hi Pinto,

    I'm sorry about the issue you had with the forum registration. The forum isn't supposed to change anything after submitting, just prompt you with an error.

    Were you using 1Password's Identity or your browser's auto-fill feature to fill in?

    Here's what happened when I tried to registered with a known name:


    After pressing the submit button:

    Can you tell me if that's the area you were trying to register in or did you do something different? If you did, please let me know the steps you took and we'll look into it.
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