Auto Copy OTP / 2FA?

I love the Auto Copy OTP/2FA that the 1Password Mini / Browser Extension does- can 1Password X (Firefox) do the same?

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  • Other than of course not working in Safari and limitations of autofill for credit card/addresses, this was the main reason why we couldn't use 1P X. The autofill feature to clipboard has been amazing so was surprised it's not supported in X. Curious if its a technical limitation or just the feature hasn't been developed. Apple's implementation in 10.14 for SMS is great where it automatically shows a dropdown in the field that is prefilled with the one time code which is even better than putting into clipboard. Would love to see this ability via 1P X for 2 factor.

  • brentybrenty

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    @aljohri, @heavymark: 1Password X supports filling login and TOTP codes at many sites. Definitely check out the guide, as it's a good starting point:

    Get to know 1Password X

    We've also got some big improvements in the current beta, with more to come. It sounds like maybe one or both of you aren't using it. Check it out at let me know if there's anything I can help with. :)

  • Oh will have to check it out. I used a couple weeks ago and wasn't possible in my experimenting and confirmed by AgileBits on twitter, that unlike 1P for Mac which will put TOTP right in your clipboard X does not and required keyboard shortcuts and such instead. But I'll try the latest beta to see if that has changed in the past couple of weeks. Thank you!

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    @heavymark: I really like the keyboard shortcut on my Mac since I'll have to use the keyboard to paste anyway. Anyway, we've made a lot of changes in the beta this past week. Interested to hear what you think. :)

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    Hey @heavymark and @aljohri,

    Your memories don't deceive you, but the current beta of 1Password X, version 1.8.4, fills one-time passwords automatically on many sites. It even shows a dropdown in the field so you can fill again if the password expires. Give it a shot!–-passwo/khgocmkkpikpnmmkgmdnfckapcdkgfaf

  • @Mitch awesome! I mostly use Safari so will still need to hold out for that extension but will give it a whirl on dev machine where I use Chrome. Thanks Mitch/Brenty.

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    You're very welcome! Looking forward to your feedback on the new beta. A lot of really cool stuff there. :sunglasses:

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