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I'm trying to sign into my account today via my.1password.com and I'm not sure if it's due to a mistake on my end, but the auth codes I'm getting from my 2FA app (Duo Mobile) are not working. Is there any way I can reset this or recover? I still have access to 1Password via Windows, Mac, and iOS, but there doesn't seem to be a way to configure it on the apps.

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    @kalbert312: Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry for the trouble! Just to clarify, with Duo you should be able to have it send you a push notification to authenticate instead of a code. The code won't work if the date/time/zone is off between your devices and the server since that's used to generate it. However, did you sign up for a Duo account, or are you trying to use the native 1Password TOTP authentication?

  • My 1Password account is a personal subscription-based account, and it appeared to me at the time of setup that Duo Push was only available for teams/businesses, so I'm using TOTP generated codes from Duo Mobile using the QR code I scanned a while back. I haven't changed physical time zones since I first activated it. Is there a time zone setting on the account that, if changed, could cause this? In any case, there does not appear to be a way to recover from failed 2FA on the sign-in UI. The recovery option in the support docs only seems relevant for team-based setups. I could not find anything about 2FA recovery for personal accounts, and I wasn't given recovery codes when I activated it, so I'm lost right now. :(

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    @kalbert312: Thanks for the additional details, and I apologize for the confusion. This isn't something with the setup of your account, or 1Password itself; rather, the TOTP code is generated by the authenticator app (Duo*, in this case) performing a calculation on the TOTP secret using the device date/time/zone.

    *As an aside, I'm not entirely sure how Duo works with regard to TOTP. We generally recommend some other authenticator apps that we've tested for this purpose, so it may be worth trying one of those.

    We see issues with this occasionally when there's a discrepancy with the system's settings -- not a travel-related thing. Setting the date/time/zone manually can help correct it. If you're unable to generate a valid TOTP code on your device for some reason, another admin in your 1Password Family (or Team/Business) could help you recover your account:


    But I suspect you'll be able to get it sorted, since it's just math. Let me know if using a different app or correcting the date/time/zone helps.

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    As I said, I cannot get my account recovered through those means as it's not an account that belongs to a team.

    After some trail and error though, it appears clearing my browser cookie for 1password.com solved the problem (used CCleaner to do so).

    This seems a bit scary to me. I think I may disable 2FA because of this as the apparent lack of 2FA recovery for a non-team account means I could get locked out of my account regardless of what 2FA auth app I'm using... what if I deleted the authenticator app on my phone or my phone got wiped out without disabling 1password 2FA? Would I be out of luck?

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    Hi @kalbert312

    We’ve addressed that here:


    If you were to run into that situation, and the steps listed there did not help, if you reach out to us by email we may be able to assist further. :+1:



  • Alright, sounds good. Thanks for the quick response times.

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    Any time. Have a great weekend! :)

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