How to set up vaults and sync them to iOS devices

I currently have 3 vaults. Under my name, I have Personal and I have all the passwords; under 'on my Mac', I have Primary with none of my passwords; under 'on icloud', I have Primary with all of my passwords. Under vaults I have open to Personal, show in all vaults only Personal is checked and in vault for saving I have Primary in icloud. So, what vaults should I have and what vaults should I delete and how do I check that my iPhone and iPad are syncing correctly? I think I am currently syncing with wifi and iCloud.

1Password Version: 7.0.4
Extension Version: 4.7.1
OS Version: 10.13.5
Sync Type: iCloud


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    Hi @jim011! First off, you can go ahead and delete the Primary vault under "On My Mac" if you don't have any data in there (go to Vault > Delete).

    Then, you've got a decision to make: would you like to continue with your 1Password account, or stick to standalone and syncing via iCloud? I'd definitely recommend the former (the 1Password account) as not only will you not have to purchase a license to keep using 1Password 7, but you'll also get all the wonderful advantages of accounts: all the latest 1Password apps on all your devices, incredibly seamless + trouble-free syncing, along with extra security thanks to the Secret Key, access to your data on on any trusted device, secure document storage, and a lot more to love.

    If you'd like to stick with the account:

    1. Sign into your account in your browser at (find your Secret Key following this guide), choose your billing tab on the right sidebar, and make sure you've got a payment method set.
    2. Print out an Emergency Kit while you're there if you haven't yet, and store it in a safe place to make sure you're never locked out of your account.
    3. Next, back in the 1Password app on your Mac, copy all the data in your iCloud-syncing Primary vault to your 1Password account-syncing Personal vault. Then select all the items in your Personal vault with Command-A and go to Help > Tools > Clean Up Duplicate Items and choose to move all the duplicates to the Trash.
    4. Finally, with all your data safe in your 1Password account, you can switch to your iCloud-syncing Primary vault and go to Vault > Delete to delete that.
    5. With everything perfect on your Mac, you can follow these quick steps on all your other devices—like on your iPhone and iPad—to get them perfectly in sync with your 1Password account. And that's it, you should be all set!

    If you'd like to stick with syncing via iCloud (not recommended):

    1. Copy all the data in your 1Password account-syncing Personal vault to your iCloud-syncing Primary vault. Then select all the items in your Primary vault with Command-A and go to Help > Tools > Clean Up Duplicate Items and choose to move all the duplicates to the Trash.
    2. Cancel/delete your 1Password account as needed following our steps here
    3. Remove your 1Password account from your Mac in 1Password 7 > Preferences > Accounts > '-' button
    4. Make sure your vault is called "Primary" on your iOS devices, and sign out from your 1Password account on those if necessary
    5. Purchase a license ($50 as part of our introductory pricing deal) when prompted or in the 1Password 7 menu in your menubar
    6. Follow the prompts on our new store to purchase the license and apply it to 1Password 7 on your Mac.

    Let me know if you need any more help with this along the way! Hope that all helps you. :)

    ref: KIH-98963-121

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