Searching is all messed up

I’ve seen this problem for a bit.

When searching in the iOS 1Password app what happens is that old search results come up (the same ones) when I search for anything. Those search results are not tappable.

I end up having to force restart the app of my device to get the searching to work properly again.

This happens in both the favourites and categories view.

I have 2 Teams both with many vaults and two Dropbox vaults connected.

Switching to view just one vault will still produce the same non-matching list.

I don’t want to past in a photo of what I’m seeing here for obvious reasons.


1Password Version: 7.0.6
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 11.3 beta 6
Sync Type: Dropbox/1Password Teams/1Password Families


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    @skippingrock: Thanks for getting in touch! I think I might now what you're referring to, and I believe this is related to our unfortunately failed attempts to address the weird tapping-shows-wrong-item-details bug. Have you only started seeing this since 7.0.6? Are you seeing any graphical issues?

  • No, I’ve seen this issue for quite some time.

    It’s very annoying. My only solution is to force quit 1P and re-search. It will work for a few times but will go back to bad behaviour.
    These fake results are usually the same; or based on a previous partial search.

    It’s like it starts to look for my search as I’m typing it, then it gets stuck between keystrokes.

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    @skippingrock: Thanks for clarifying. We're not completely sure what's causing it, but it's something we're investigating so we can fix it. I appreciate you patience while we try to find a solution. :blush:

    ref: apple-62

  • There are so many iOS beta bugs that I'm not sure where to start reporting them- but I'm seeing both what @brenty refers to (tapping on an item shows another item's details) and what @skippingrock reports, which is a non-tappable list of search results not related to the actual search I'm attempting to perform. A third issue is when a search (for known and existing items) shows NOTHING in the search results. I am beginning to regret all of the money laid out for both 1Password Teams and 1Password Families. I have been in situations where I really needed login credentials and was unable to retrieve them because 1password was either showing the wrong item (even when scrolling through all of my entries) or the item was not searchable - and I had to bring out my "old" password manager in order to proceed. Bugs are expected here and there, but 1password 7 has been feeling very alpha-ish in its manifestation of serious show-stopper bugs that have persisted from its first public beta release.

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    Thanks for the feedback @user0. Our development team is pretty intently focused on 1Password 7 for Mac at the moment, but I’ll be pushing hard for a fix to these issues once that work is completed.


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    Hi @brenty and @ben I've kinda noticed that this seems to happen more when I'm doing a search from the Favourites tab.
    Also I find that if I type what I'm searching for really fast, before partial results can load in, I don't see it happen as much.
    But if I take my time, or pause and then start typing again, then this does tend to happen a lot more.
    After it happens once, the gibbled results stay there, even after I clear the search, or start typing a completely different search with different letters, or go to a different part of the interface and come back; the same gibbled results appear.

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    Thanks for the additional info, @skippingrock.


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    @skippingrock: For what it's worth, this happens to me fairly regularly, and I pretty much never use the Favorites tab — at least not for searching (probably a habit from when that wasn't possible!) I suspect you're experiencing this on the Favorites tab because you just spend more time there than me. It's been really tough to discern a pattern. :(

  • @brenty, pattern identification is my life, I'll keep looking.

    Perhaps I will see if the iOS console reveals anything when connected to my Mac.

    Cheers, @skippingrock

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    @sashk: We don't have a button for that, but you did the right thing by chiming in here. I'm sorry that there isn't a fix for this. It's been a hard problem to even reproduce consistently much less resolve, and the last thing we want to do is introduce further issues by trying to push out a fix hastily without really understanding the problem. Believe me, we'll be just as happy to not have to deal with this ourselves. As soon as we have a solution, we'll get it out.

  • I have both 1Password Family and a Dropbox synced Vault.
    The Dropbox vaults are in the old format to maintain compatibility with older iOS and Mac devices with 1P that doesn’t support the new vault format.

    Maybe when Dropbox vaults are syncing still when I start my search, maybe that is causing the problem.
    The main question is when did reports of this problem start happening?
    Then figure out what changed.

    This bug drives me batty and always happens when I’m in a rush.

  • Also happens with sync, so it’s probably not related to WiFi or Dropbox sync.

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    @sashk: Thank you! Unfortunately I'm seeing this issue without having to do any of that -- especially without ever canceling the Touch ID prompt. :(

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    @XIII: Indeed, and I'm using both. That's one of the many reasons it's been so hard to track this down. :(

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    @skippingrock: Unhelpfully, reports of this started around the time of a bug fix release that included no changes in this area. These are all good ideas, and we've gone through all sorts of them ourselves. The only way we'll get this fixed is either through luck (which may have already run out in this area) or good old-fashioned debugging. One way or another though we'll get to the bottom of this.

  • okay, is there a way to use the Console while having the iOS device connected to my Mac to see any log information? is there a specific one under Advanced settings that I (and others) should be turning on to perhaps catch this thing?

  • AGAlumBAGAlumB 1Password Alumni

    okay, is there a way to use the Console while having the iOS device connected to my Mac to see any log information?

    Not without jailbreaking (which we can't recommend under any circumstances), and even then I wouldn't be able to tell you what you'd be looking for.

    is there a specific one under Advanced settings that I (and others) should be turning on to perhaps catch this thing?

    None that we've found. Whatever the cause, it's proven very elusive. :blush:

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