Full Access to All Vaults

Is there a way to give a specific set of users (whether through a group, or some other means) full access to all vaults in our account? For example, having a group called "Admins", where any user in that group will automatically get full access to any vaults that exist or are created.

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  • rickfillionrickfillion Junior Member

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    Hi @Alex_Habib,

    The only group in 1Password Teams and Business that gets access to all vaults (except Private/Personal vaults) is the Owners group. It's not currently possible to delegate this responsibility to other groups.

    In the case of the Owners group, they are given Manage access to all user created vaults in 1Password. This allows them to assign other users and groups to that vault, and can elevate their access from Manage-only to Read-Write if they so choose.

    I'd love to understand what you're trying to accomplish and whether the Owners group would be sufficient for that.


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