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Hi there, I want to create a brand new family account but my two adult daughters already use 1password. Is it best for me to open the family account under my name and have them transfer across (and how do they do that?), or should i have one of them 'upgrade' to family and invite me?

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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @fionarugg

    Thanks for taking the time to write in with this question. Either way will work, but if one of your daughters is already using an individual 1Password membership then having her upgrade to a 1Password Families membership would save her having to move her data around. That may make the process a little easier / less time consuming.


  • Thanks Ben. I would love you to send me a link for my daughters which guides them through moving their data over to family membership. I went ahead and set it up with me as the co-ordinator which seemed the best fit. I've gone ahead and invited my daughters but it would be great to send them info on how to make the change. Thanks

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    @fionarugg -- so the first thing for them to do would be to accept your invitation and for you to confirm their sign-up. Once that's done, they'll each have an account in your 1Password Families account. The next step would be for them to add their new 1Password Families account into their 1Password app -- they should use their desktop PC or Mac to do this. Once they've added their new account into their 1Password application on Mac or PC, they can use these instructions to move their items into the new account vault(s). Make sure they use the "Move" command and NOT the "copy" command. Once that's done, they can remove their existing vault(s). If they were using a standalone setup previously, assuming they had only the single Primary vault, visiting Preferences > Advanced and UN-checking the box marked Allow creation of vaults outside accounts should take care of it and leave them with only their 1Password Families account.

    If they had their data on other devices as well, the best way to go about switching would be to Start Over on each device, and upon re-launching 1Password, just signing into their 1Password Families account.

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