The main shortcut problem in 1Password

Hello, I want just to remeber the issue with the main shortcut Ctrl+\ still hasn’t been resolved. Czech Windows 10 and the Czech keyboard layout means no way how to popup 1Password mini using the keyboard, although the backslash key is the same one as on the US keyboard layout (for keyboards with backslash in bottom left part next to Z key). I tried tilde and other hints from a different thread but nothing helped. In fact I has used not to use 1Password mini at all, because of its very, very uncomfortable way to pop it up (find its small icon among many others, right click, find the proper command in the menu) and then I get a small 1Password with a very limited functionality. It is much easier to popup the regular 1Password application.


  • AGAlumBAGAlumB
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    @oksoftware: I'm sorry to hear that, but Ctrl \ is just the default. You can change it to whatever you want, provided that it isn't being catered by something else on your system. If a single key to substitute for \ doesn't work for you, you could try adding Shift as well. There are a lot of keys available, so I bet you can find one that will work on your system with some trial and error. :)

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