1Password 7 for Android does not support attachments.

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Hi, I recently upgraded my Android Smartphone to 1Password 7. When I opened the app, it asked me to convert my database from AgileKeychain to OPVault format.
I did this and then changed the sync option in my MAC 1Password to WLAN and did a sync. I found that none of the attachments which I have in my mac are shown in the android 1P7. I knew that earlier versions of OPVault in Android did not support attachments and hence I was using AgileKeychain format.
Now that you have forced me to upgrade to IP7 with only OPVault support, have you provided support for attachments ?

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  • periperi

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    Hi @Venkatne. We added support for attachments with OPVault vaults back in 2016, so you should indeed see your files. Can you elaborate a bit on your setup? I'm not quite understanding. Are you syncing on Android using local storage or Dropbox, or are you syncing using WLAN sync?

  • VenkatneVenkatne
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    Hi peri, subsequent to my posting the above query, I got the problem sorted out.
    Will detail the issue I had and what I did for records which may be useful for other users.

    I have 1P V6.8.7 for Mac and had 1P V6.x in my Android. I used to sync the vault using local folder option with agilekeychain as this version of Android 1P did not support attachments in OPVault format.
    When I upgraded my android to 1P V7, I was asked to convert the vault format from agilekeychain to OPVault, which I did. Then I used the WLAN option to sync, when the attachments did not sync to my Android. This is when I posted the query in you forum.

    Subsequently, I changed the format to OPVault in my Mac 1P and did a sync using local folder. This brought in all the attachments into my Android. So...problem solved....and thank you.

    I have a related question : Does the folder sync using OPVault allow reverse sync - updates to vault in Android syncing to my Mac 1P? This is so seamless between my Mac 1P and my iPhone 1P.

  • periperi

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    Thanks for the update, @Venkatne. It's not possible to sync using both the WLAN server and local storage at the same time. You're only able to sync using one of these methods, and since you mentioned syncing between Mac and iPhone, then it sounds like you're using WLAN sync there, as local storage sync isn't supported on iOS.

    When you use local storage sync, 1Password only syncs to a vault on your device. It doesn't sync elsewhere. So if you have Folder sync enabled on your Mac, and local storage sync on Android, then you have two completely separate vaults that are not syncing. If you want your data to sync automatically, I recommend Dropbox or a 1Password.com membership. Otherwise, you can use WLAN, but you'll need to initiate sync between your Mac and Android device, as WLAN sync is not automatic.

    That said, I'm glad you were able to get everything sorted! Let us know if you need anything else.

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