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I did a search for this topic, and the most recent relevant post was about two years ago, thought I'd resurrect the topic since technology has changed a lot since then.

I'm using 1P 7 on OS X, I use the TOR browser frequently, and since it seems to me that the two go hand in hand, (security, anonymity etc...) Can someone tell me the current relationship status of TOR and 1Password? IE: Why it may or may not work, are there plans for an extension, or is there a workaround that is still secure and anonymous etc...


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  • Greetings @Admesser,

    The more traditional extension, the one that works with 1Password for Mac or 1Password for Windows won't work here as 1Password will only fill into browsers that it can verify against a list of certificates hardcoded inside the application. The Tor browser isn't on this list and it doesn't look likely that this list will be changing any time soon. If you happen to be a 1Password account user there is an alternative depending on how up to date the Tor browser is. We do have a 1Password X extension that connects directly to the server (hence the 1Password account requirement) and as it does not interact with the native application it does not have the same strict security requirements. If memory serves me correctly the Tor browser is based on Firefox and 1Password X for Firefox can be found at 1Password X – Password Manager. It does require Firefox 60 which is why Tor will need to have been on their toes given 60 is still quite new.

    I wish I had something more promising, hopefully 1Password X is an option for you.

  • TheDaveTheDave
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    Unfortunately currently The 1Password X add-on requires a newer version of Firefox (at least version 60.0). Tor is based on Firefox 52.0. Tor will update to Firefox 60.0 eventually, but it takes time for Tor to adopt a Firefox ESR 60.

    Sadly not even torbrowser 8.0a7 is not yet on Firefox ESR 60 either.

  • That's a pity. I can understand their side of it as well, they no doubt need to take time to ensure none of the changes impact on their mission goal and I imagine they have to be very careful. I wish I had a better answer for you :(

  • Tor 8 is out and is based on Firefox 60. But the 1Password X extension does not seem to work.

  • I'll leave you in the capable hands of those more experienced with the 1Password X extension. Hopefully whatever the issue is it can be corrected so that 1Password X works in the Tor browser.

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