My Android Phone and Desktop versions are different

My Android phone was upgraded to version 7.0.4, however, my desktop is I opened the app on my phone and was prompted to do something with the valut. Not thinking things through I click ok. When I got home I wasn't able to log into my desktop app. Somehow I got the desktop app to open but all my stored information was gone. Under Preferences I connected to \1Password.opvault. However, I made some password updates to various sites and it doesn't appear they were synced with my phone, and, now I don't have those new passwords. Is there anyway I can get them back along with the other information I saved in 1Password?

Also how do I get my desktop to the same version as my phone?

Please help.. I'm not very technical :(

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10 Pro
Sync Type: Dropbox


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    Hi @KFrick,

    Thanks for writing in.

    1Password 4 for Windows can support the same OPVault format that 1Password 7 apps use. The only limitation is that the 1Password 4 cannot display tags on the sidebar as folders are converted to tags. You can view them by pressing Alt + Down in the search field instead. Before we look at 1Password 7 on your PC, let's try to make sure you're syncing in both directions with Dropbox.

    When you got home to your PC, did you wait for Dropbox to finish syncing first? If Dropbox wasn't finished when you open 1Password, it won't show all data yet. Make sure you have Dropbox running and it is up to date before you open 1Password 4, you can do this by hovering your cursor over the Dropbox icon in your notification tray area on bottom right. This guide will help:

    Also, make sure it is the right OPVault that both 1Password apps are looking at. To find out which vault your Android is syncing with, open 1Password, unlock, and select Settings on bottom right. Select Sync and make sure Dropbox sync is enabled and the vault is in the same location.

    It is possible your Android app may be syncing to /1Password/1Password.opvault while on your PC, it is looking at /1Password.opvault. If this is the case, open 1Password on your PC, go to the File Menu > Open 1Password vault and select the /1Password/1Password.opvault in your Dropbox directory.

    Now, see if they're syncing in both directions.

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