Hosted user provisioning support by 1password


I love that you guys have decided to support auto user provisioning for AAD, the only downside for our organization is that we would have to host the SCIM bridge on our servers. This means more complexity and extra maintenance.

Are there any plans for user provisioning support hosted by 1 password (no more deployment on our servers) ?


Thomas Brouckaert

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  • cohixcohix

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    @ThomasBr Currently we don't have any plans to offer hosting of the bridge for the main reason that we never want to be in possession of your credentials. The combination of the scimsession file and the bearer token is enough to gain access to the Provision Manager's account (which is how the SCIM bridge is able to perform actions), and if we had access to the machine running the bridge, we could access your data, which is not something we ever want to be able to do.

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