Invoking 1P using shortcut from desktop

Since the recent Beta update I have found a problem coming into the forum via invoking 1P mini directly from the desktop without first bringing up my Home Page in Firefox and using the 1P icon.

When I use the shortcut from the desktop and via my Favorites select the forum the resulting url is :

This brings up the forum but does not fill in either user name nor password. If I click on the icon again and highlght the Forum every thing continues as normal.

If I first open Firefox, click on the 1P icon, Favorites and the Forum the following url comes up and everything works normally:

Windows 10 Pro, 1P 7.2.580 Beta, Dropbox

I did not have this issue before the recent Beta.


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    Hi @Andrew42,

    Thanks for reporting this.

    It is a known issue for a long time on Windows, especially if the browser is not running, the 1Password extension will miss that call if the browser is still in the middle of the initializing the 1Password extension. It cannot queue the call for 1Password.

    We're removing the support for onepasswordfill= in a future update to replace it with a better solution where we can talk to the extension directly to fill the selected item. In other words, when 1Password extension is ready and the site is loaded, it can get a call from the desktop program to fill.

  • Thnaks Mike.

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    You're welcome, Andrew.

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