Appleid signing page does not (auto)fill

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Auto fill not working in 1browser on IOS 12.

Manual copy and paste of login and password works ok.

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    Can also confirm same issue from within IOS Chrome browser, IOS 12

  • Hi @jondriscoll,

    So what you really want is nice, simple filling but on iOS it's becoming a bit convoluted. That statement deserves a bit of an explanation.

    1. iOS Chrome. Chrome insists on performing the actual filling. All we're allowed to do is pass the username and password. Everything else is iOS Chrome and it can mean filling results differ from elsewhere e.g. on the Mac. Any filling improvements will have to come from the iOS developers. Their approach also limits filling to only Login items.
    2. Our iOS 8 Safari extension, the one accessible from the share sheet. This can fill using Login, Identity and Credit Card items. It does not handle something called iframes like the Mac/Windows extension can. Apple use an iframe for the sign-in form and as a result 1Password effectively cannot see the form to fill it.
    3. iOS 12 AutoFill. We tap into Apple's autofill feature. It is currently limited to Login items but it works with pages using iframes. If you were to enable 1Password's use of autofill you should find you can fill and log into

    Eventually everything will converge I'm sure, it will just take a bit of time. For Login filling though we're firmly backing iOS 12's AutoFill feature. I hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the detailed reply. :)
    I have enabled "autofill" in IOS 12. I now get a login entered if I browse from "within" 1Password. Unfortunately, I have many accounts for appleid (family etc..) in my 1Password vault, and it chooses one of them, just not the one I want - and it does not change it if I try picking another account in 1Password.
    At this point I don't need a fix / any more help - I can work around it on this site.
    Just good to know you're 1) aware, and 2) have a plan!

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  • Hello @jondriscoll,

    With iOS 12's AutoFill, if you have multiple items that match what should happen is iOS 12 picks the one at the top of the ordered list we send it. So that will mean a favourite Login item comes first and then it would be ordered by title alphabetically. That's the one you can easily access from the suggestion bar. If you have multiple items though you should see a key icon to the right and from there you can access other Login items that match. So you should be able to select any Login item even if it isn't the one iOS 12 thinks you want. Does that help at all?

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