Trouble filling on Alaska Outdoors and Ranger Club forums

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  • Doug in AlaskaDoug in Alaska Junior Member

    Same problem here.
    MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6
    Safari 12.0
    1Password 7.1.2
    1Password Extension 4.7.3

  • Doug in AlaskaDoug in Alaska Junior Member

    Taking this the top, very frustrating!

  • Doug in AlaskaDoug in Alaska Junior Member

    Another website


  • Hi @Doug in Alaska,

    Lars asked if I might be able to assist. The first step I've taken is I will be splitting the various conversations apart because if filling is working in some places that tells us the extension is connected to 1Password and so we're likely looking at issues for specific sites and it's much easier to have dedicated conversations for each rather than several going on at the same time.

    Looking at the Alaska Outdoors Forums site I'd like to learn what happens if you manually save a new Login item using the steps outlined on our support page How to save a Login manually in your browser and then return and try filling. What fields fill and what happens if you try to log in? Putting aside the lack of https for now, the site is doing doing something weird using a text field and a password field and it behaves oddly in Safari. I am finding a Login item saved in Safari fills both fields (the password is visible) but I cannot easily test to see what happens after submitting and whether everything works or not.

    For the Ranger Club forum the only thing I've found that works is to fill twice. The site looks like it's using the same forum software as Alaska Outdoors but the behaviour is slightly different and I don't know why. A Login item saved using the same steps as above though will fill the username the first time and then seems to fill the password field correctly the second. A bit like above though it's hard to say whether there are issues specific to after trying to sign-in compared to only just seeing what fields fill.

    I will be interested to learn what you observe given you have real accounts and can test the actual signing in process.

  • Doug in AlaskaDoug in Alaska Junior Member

    I've done as requested on the Alaska Outdoors Forum. After manually saving a new Login item and following the steps outlined I returned to the website and tried logging in using the new Login. Same behavior as before, first click of the extension fills the user name, second click of the extension fills the password, click on Log in button and I'm logged in.
    Thanks much for your help with this.

  • Doug in AlaskaDoug in Alaska Junior Member

    Here's another one for you to take a look at if you have time, thanks.

  • littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables 1Password Alumni

    Hi @Doug in Alaska,

    They all seem to be subtle variants on the same forum software. I find this latest one behaves like your observed results for the Alaska Outdoors one although I still find even with a freshly saved Login item just now I don't need two fills there. I suspect it's because it doesn't flip to a password field automatically for me even though it's a near default copy of Safari. I suspect you should find two fill commands also works for this latest one.

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