Family Sharing Feature Request

Hi all, not sure if this is the correct place for this message. If it is not please let me know.


Regarding the family sharing:

  1. In theory it is a fantastic idea. The execution could use an upgrade.

How the system currently works which is cumbersome and not ideal to use:

  1. You want to share some commonly used passwords with your family
  2. You create a vault
  3. You share a password
  4. The watchtower immediately annoys you identifying that you magically have a "re-used password" (which is not actually true)...blah blah blah
  5. You change / update your password
  6. Your main vault updates...oh no I now have to copy that password to all of the shared accounts
  7. I want to remove a shared login
  8. go to each vault and remove them :_(

Here is my idea:
1. I want to share some commonly used passwords with my family
2. I create a vault
3. I right click on the password and click "Share with xyz vault"
4. Instead of copying the password the app creates a live link and simply populates that login to the shared vault
5. I change my password
6. Because I have a live link between my vaults and that shared password when I update my main vault the password auto-updates in all vaults it is shared to
7. I want to remove a shared login
8. Right click on login and click stop sharing (prompt shows me all the places it's shared and allows me to remove the vaults of my choosing).


1Password Version: 7.2.1
Extension Version: latest
OS Version: 10.14
Sync Type: Cloud sync (Agile)


  • vplewisvplewis Junior Member

    @hagosrush Or you could move the items you want to share to the shared folder. Then you still have only one copy. hth

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    @vplewis' suggestion is the recommended way to handle this. That said, we appreciate the feedback, and will continue to look for ways we can improve the experience. Thanks for taking the time to share your idea, @hagosrush.


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