1Password always displays OTP in username/password section even if it has a section header

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In 1Password for Mac, if I have a One-Time Password configured on an item, 1Password displays that OTP as part of the same section as username and password. This seems like a reasonable behavior if the OTP is in a section with no header, but if I've defined a header for the section, then 1Password should respect that and keep the OTP in the defined section. Similarly if I put a second item in the same section, it should probably keep the OTP item in the section (i.e. only merge it into the username/password area if the OTP password is the only entry in a section that has no header, which seems to be the default configuration when adding a OTP to an item).

For comparison, 1Password on iOS does not have this behavior and always keeps the OTP in its defined section. It might be nice to update 1Password for iOS to match the new behavior I'm requesting for 1Password for Mac.

The context for this request is I have a 1Password item for my corporate LDAP login, and a OTP code for the corporate VPN. I just merged the LDAP and VPN items together in 1Password as the VPN's username/password is actually just LDAP authorization (so duplicating that was silly, and gave me the "duplicate password" nag banner), but now 1Password for Mac is displaying my LDAP login as though it has an associated OTP, and it doesn't, only the VPN does. I gave the OTP section a header of "VPN" but that is completely ignored in 1Password for Mac.

1Password Version: 7.2.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS 10.14 (18A391)
Sync Type: Teams


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    @kballard - thanks for your comments and suggestions! I don't think we're going to be moving the TOTP field based on whether the section has a header, though I'll certainly pass along your idea. However, in the upcoming 7.2.2 update, if you have the same domain on each item, you won't see the Watchtower banner due to changes in how we consider Re-used Passwords (so you could go back to having two items, if you like).

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