Sharing 1PW data from PC with Android tablet

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Hello ... sigh ... again.

I've been a long-time user of 1Password - the free standing pc version with no vault. I'm happy that way. No membership, no account, no vault. Also, as far as I can tell, no readily available information of using it this way.

Anyway, I've just gotten an android tablet and have installed the 1Password app on it. But I can't remember how to share my data; I prefer to keep the data local. I think the keychain is involved but can't remember how to generate it, where it's stored. Or how to share it.

I went through some of this when I tried using the app through google play on my kindle. A lot of apps work that way but now 1PW so I gave up on it and went with KeepassDroid.

I've checked the tablet to try to give the "additional information" and find that the app installed on it is 1Password 7 which comes with a subscription and, even for local storage, looks for a vault. Does this mean I can't use my 1Password on the tablet?

Thanks, as usual, for the help.


1Password Version:
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 7 6.1.7601 sp 1
Sync Type: none


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    Hi @gorham. Thanks for reaching out.

    I'd like to clarify one thing here. You do have a 1Password vault. A vault is the data folder that contains your 1Password data. Even if you're not syncing with a service like Dropbox or, you still have a vault. And the only way to access the vault on more than one device is to sync it. So if you want to sync the data between 1Password 4 for Windows and 1Password 7 for Android, you'll need to sync the data using either Dropbox, a WLAN server, or I would recommend using or Dropbox, as these are both automatic methods, and don't require both devices being on the same network. You can find instructions for configuring each sync method here:

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