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Is it possible to configure outbound traffic to use an authenticated proxy? This is the ideal method for how our corporate network is managed.

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  • cohixcohix
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    @jaredgaut the SCIM bridge itself does not currently have options to run through a proxy. Could you let me know a little more about your environment so I can look at your options for this?

  • jaredgautjaredgaut
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    The VLAN that our okta agents (and ideally this scim bridge) would live on has no external access except through an authenticated proxy (squid).

    Looking into it a bit more I believe I can have docker itself use a proxy following these steps: https://docs.docker.com/config/daemon/systemd/#httphttps-proxy

    Is there by any chance a list of all external domains that needs to be reached?

  • cohixcohix
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    Ah yes that should work.

    Those are indeed the only domains you should need for operation.

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