1Password asking to fill in browser for every login

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1Password asks if it really should fill in apps that do not have matching login. That behaviour is absolutely understandable from security viewpoint. Problem is that it do the same for browsers, i.e. apps that by definition could use any login. Logging in a new site therefore becomes a little more annoying, and (arguably useless) information that, say, Firefox can use this, this, this and this login, has to be stored in database.

Proposition: allow user to somehow set certain app as browser, disabling said prompt for it.

Android 7.0, Firefox, Samsung Internet, Yandex browser. I vaguely remember that there might exist some API that allows browsers to send webpage information to 1Password in this case, but it never worked for me.


  • HenryHenry
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    Hi @Fullmoon! What you're seeing is not intended behavior, as 1Password for Android does not yet support those three browsers you're trying to fill logins into. If you use 1Password Autofill in Chrome, Edge, Opera, Brave, Firefox Focus, or DuckDuckGo, 1Password will magically suggest the right login to fill based on URL. :chuffed:

    Hope that helps!

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