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I have been purchasing and using 1Password since before I can even remember. The first license I can verify was v3 from 2012, but I'm sure I used v1 or v2.

Before I complain, I will thank you for finally automatically saving the 1Password license in 1Password. When I went to save my v7 license, it was already there... WHAAAA?!?!? Magic! That's some serious software inceptioning!

I have never thought twice about purchasing a new license from AgileBits - until today. AgileBits has been very kind in that I only paid for one version and usually got the next one free. When it was time for a significant update, I paid - no questions asked. I have always recommended 1Password to everyone that has ever complained about forgotten or numerous passwords (and that is close to everyone I know).

But this time was different... Trust me, I understand the monthly fee structure and how beneficial it can be to AgileBits. I am no id10t when it comes to computers, but you had made it VERY difficult for many of your loyal customers to continue to support you. After nearly an hour of googling and searching for why my password database was Read-Only after a 1Password Safari extension install (Chrome was fine), I found the hidden "Standalone" license purchase you hid from many people to entice them into a monthly account. I get it. Seriously, I do. I have paid maybe over $100 in the past 6 years for 1Password. But this update made me have some very hateful thoughts about 1Password for a short period of time and I had NEVER thought I would have anything bad to say about 1Password. So, let me please write to you about my recent experience...

Dear AgileBits,

Thank you for saving my hundreds (if not thousands) of passwords over the years. Thank you for providing an easy and powerful password management software that has saved me so much trouble and allowed me to tease people in telling them my password is Command-"\". Thank you for simplifying security and helping me make my digital life safe by allowing me to "remember" strong and complex passwords for countless websites and services.

After all of my words, I hope you listen to my next statements.

Please do not make me stop recommending 1Password to friends and family... Please don't purposely make it difficult for users (especially the ones who supported you from the start) to chose between a one-time fee or a monthly subscription. You had almost lost a customer, and I am still debating if I will recommend this software anymore.

For all of the support you have had through the years, you could have been more upfront about these changes. I honestly felt tricked into being forced into a monthly subscription.

What do I want? Like the title said, this is not a post to ask a question. I don't want a discount. I don't want a free license. I don't want to pay a monthly fee.

What I want is to continue to support AgileBits in the future. Please continue to be upfront and honest with your customers and users. Please don't make me lose faith in one of the only software programs that I have used religiously for 6+ years.

My apologies for the long post. It will hopefully be my last. I promise to not do it again if you treat us kindly in the future.


1Password Version: Almost all of them
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Mac and IOS
Sync Type: iCloud


  • brentybrenty

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    Thanks for getting in touch, Justin! I'm glad you liked the "magic" license saving. That definitely helps when installing the app on a new computer. We've been doing something similar for a while now, using the 1Password vault itself, but when iCloud Keychain is enabled, we're able to use that too now. It's pretty sweet. :)

    I'm really sorry that you had difficulty purchasing 1Password, in spite of your desire to support what we do. I wish you'd gotten in touch sooner, as that would have saved you some time and frustration. We make it really easy to purchase a license right from within the app, but you're right that it isn't something we promote on our website, outside of the announcement for the new version. I'll be happy to answer any questions you have about that, but suffice to say it was an intentional decision due to the failed experiment of marketing both memberships and licenses side by side for over a year, and the disaster that was for our customers, who overwhelmingly expected to be able to use 1Password seamlessly across all their devices even when they purchased a license. It really sucked. Thousands of people were confused, frustrated, and downright angry when they purchased the wrong thing, and then needed to wait for our help to get things sorted out, with refunds, credits, etc., so they could get setup with a membership instead. So we started promoting only 1Password memberships, since that has proven to be the "happy path" for the vast majority of people. Certainly, that's not the case for everyone, like you, and of course that's why we still sell licenses; but while I am sorry for the hassle this caused you, I know we made the right decision in this case because I was there and I've seen the consequences of doing differently.

    So that brings us to today. I don't think this makes it a difficult choice:

    But certainly whenever people do have questions about their options, especially with regard to their specific situation or workflow, we're always happy to help. I think we've been pretty upfront (via our blog, newsletters, and every channel where we interact with 1Password users) -- and responsive -- all along as we introduced 1Password memberships a few years ago now (and added additional options due to customer feedback), confirmed that 1Password 7 would continue to have a standalone/license option (also in direct response to customer feedback), and delivered on both fronts. So while I understand where you're coming from (we've lived through every day of it, after all!) I do hope you'll judge us by our actions and not hold a grudge for the less-than-smooth experience you had this time around. And we'll continue to tweak things over time to help the most people possible get the most out of using 1Password to secure their digital lives. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with us. I hope that, apart from this hiccup, you'll continue to enjoy using 1Password. But if you ever do need our help, we're here for you. :)

  • Thank you for your response, and I completely understand the issues that you have seen trying to switch to a new payment scheme. After my post, I realized how many people are having issues with the new 1Password, especially in combination with Mojave.

    Hindsight is 20/20, right? I am still debating my purchase, and have since reverted back to 1Password 6 for the time being. It seems that there are many issues to be worked out. Many of the features that I enjoyed and expected from 1Password 3 through 6 are now problematic.

    I'm definitely going to give AgileBits a bit of time to work out bugs, but 1Password 7 is very unstable and seems to feel more like a beta and not quite worth the $50 license (yet). I've wasted hours of troubleshooting and reading forum posts without much luck getting things stable.

    Unfortunately, the simplicity and stability has taken a hit and I am too busy to spend time assisting a software company to fix a paid product. I will most likely contact support to refund my license and wait until a more polished and user ready version is released. I wish you all the best working within the strict guidelines of Apple Software development requirements and maintain your seem-less password integration.

    I hope you quickly find a balance between simplicity and functionality.

    Remember that all users want is a simple to use password manager that we have come to expect.

    And making a password manager database Read-Only was, IMHO, a terrible choice to make users renew/purchase. I hope you can resolve these major issues soon.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Thanks again for the feedback. I'm not sure I feel the description of 1Password 7 as "very unstable" is fair. I've been running it for quite some time on Mojave without issue, as have the vast majority of customers. I'm sorry that hasn't been the case for your particular situation. When you look at "how many people are having issues" I think it is important to factor in that there are millions of 1Password users, most of which you'll never see on this forum or posting reviews. We'd be happy to help with whatever issues you're encountering.

    Reverting to 1Password 6 may perhaps be a reasonable short term workaround, but it should not be considered a long term solution. 1Password 6 is no longer being developed. As a security focused company the only course of action we can recommend is staying up to date with all of your software -- especially 1Password, your OS, and your web browser.



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