Share vault with normal 1Password or Team user

A customer of us wants to share his vault with our team (personal 1Password account or Team account). However, when he sends an invite, there is no way to login with the existing account, it only asks us to register again, and this is not something we want.

How can this be achieved?

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1Password Version: 7
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: 1Password


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    Hi @doonot

    In order to access 1Password data stored within a membership you must have an account within that membership. It isn't possible for accounts to span across memberships. In this case the use of a guest account may make the most sense:

    Share with guests in your team | 1Password

    I'd recommend inviting this customer as a guest to join your team, and creating a vault within your team that can be used to share items between your team and the customer. Guests only have access to one vault.

    I hope that helps. Should you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to ask.


  • I hit the same problem. This is a showstopper. I wanted to encourage all my customers to use 1Password and one of the incentives was that I frequently share passwords with them and this would make it much easier. This means that one of us has to manage two accounts. I did not know about the guest access, which is good, but either I need them to open a new 1Password account just to share with me or I have to manage a half dozen different guest accounts.
    The other option is for me to make and manage the membership. But then I could administratively delete/access their passwords and would have to do pass-through billing. That is not the relationship I have with them.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    That is correct. There isn't currently a way to share 1Password data "across" / "between" memberships. I don't know that will ever be possible, but it is certainly something we can look into. Having you as a guest on the customer's membership gives the customer more control, which sounds like may be the type of setup that would be more appropriate for your relationship. Fortunately managing multiple accounts isn't that big of a challenge... that's what 1Password is for, after all.


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