Covering 2 Macs and 2 iPhones without subscription

I see there are lots of questions about standalone purchases and mine is one of those too.

What is the cost to install a standalone copy of 1Password on 2 Macs and 2 iPhones, all on the latest OS? Can they all be connected? What features will be available? We only need to be able to access passwords across devices.

I'm not interested in the push by everybody I meet to switch my engagement with them from one-off purchases to rent-seeking. In general what I would say about this model, so keen to knot everybody up in yearly agreements and obfuscate what is owned and what is not, is: cuss this model to hell.

That said, thanks for any help!


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    Hi @MonkeyPoop

    1Password v7 for Mac is $65 USD + any applicable taxes per person. This does not include upgrades (i.e. 1Password v8 for Mac will require a separate purchase). You'd be able to use the basic features of 1Password 7 for iOS at no extra cost, but if you'd like the Pro features those are $10 USD + tax per Apple ID. All purchases are made within the 1Password apps. You'd need to manually configure syncing of your 1Password data through a 3rd party service -- Dropbox or iCloud.

    On the other hand 1Password membership for an individual is $3 USD + tax per month (billed annually) and includes the latest versions of 1Password for all compatible devices. There are no separate upgrade fees. This also includes the service itself, which means automatic sync between all of your devices by signing into your 1Password account.

    Some links that may be helpful:

    I hope that helps!


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