1Password moving vault to membership crashed

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I switched to onepassword membership, setup everything on my desktop and then added the account on
my iphone, first it complaint about there being no network connection,
when there was a conection for sure,
but half an hour later it seemed to work but stopped in the middle for half an hour.
Now I have sort of 25% imported in my account I can see on the desktop app.
The account is added to my iphone, so I cannot add the account again and seems to be no way to retry??
Any suggestions?

1Password Version: IOS 7.2.2
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • Same here, iOS migrated 100 items then stopped. Now I have 100 items out of 1300 in 1password account.

  • I did a manual import, then a fix duplicates, to get past this ...

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    If I try to do manual in logins - select items - select all then i see menu items move, copy and delete but they are not actieve. I cannot select Any of them.

  • Hello @borisnieuwen and @jack4abits,

    If you ran into this issue you can reset the app data by following these instructions: https://support.1password.com/starting-over/

    This will allow you to add the account again from scratch. Please try that and let us know if the sync still fails.

  • @jin_dhaliwal but won’t I loose my local vault then? That is exactly the thing I want to transfer to my acoount. So I don’t want to delete that.

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    @jack4abits: I've been working with you on something else. It would probably be best for us to continue that in one place. Just reply to me via email when you get the chance, and I can help with this as well if needed.

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    @borisnieuwen: Thanks for clarifying. Do you have your 1Password data only on a single device? You didn't mention the OS version or sync type in your original post. Let me know the details and we'll go from there.

  • I have iOS 12.1 and I sync through dropbox.
    I got a new laptop for a new job and they provided a 1password membership,
    so. installed 1password on the laptop, connected it with my membership
    and then tried to import into that membership from my iPhone.
    so the only place I have my old password data is on my iPhone.
    I followed these steps
    But it crashed in step 2 unfortunately.

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    @borisnieuwen: I'm sorry to have to ask this, but which "step 2"? There are, unfortunately, a few different sections there. :blush: Also, which version of 1Password and OS do you have on that device?

  • It hung when moving items so actually step 7. It said moving N of 700 items but n counted to 123 and then didn’t continue. I am using 1 password on iOS version 7.2.2

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    @borisnieuwen: Thanks for clarifying. I'm sorry for the trouble there. Are you using 1Password on a computer too? If so, it may be easier to do it there -- and even if you run into trouble it can be easier to work around.

    If you're still having trouble, the best thing to do will be to generate a diagnostic report so we can look at the logs to determine exactly what is happening:


    Please send it to [email protected] and add the following Support ID (including the square brackets) to the subject of your diagnostics email before sending:


    If you’re reading this and you are not borisnieuwen, this Support ID is for borisnieuwen only. Please ask us for your own if you also need help.

    This will link it to our current conversation. Once we see it we should be able to better assist you. Thanks in advance!

    ref: LMN-55278-531

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