Constant "Welcome To 1Password 7" popup when using the Chrome extension

Every time I try to fill a login form using the Chrome extension, I'm shown a "Welcome To 1Password 7" popup prompting me to sign up for a account. The popup appears to be cancelling the form fill request. I manage my own sync and aren't interested in the 1Password service; how do I get this popup to stop displaying?

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  • vplewisvplewis Junior Member

    @ehogberg The 1Password X extension for Chrome requires a subscription to work. You can use the regular Chrome ext. if you don't want a subscription.hth

  • Thanks for the pointer. I'm using the "desktop app required" version,, though. Thoughts?

  • vplewisvplewis Junior Member

    @ehogberg What OS? What version of 1Password have you paid for? V7 requires a new license purchase or a subscription. You can also revert to version 6 if you want to. hth

  • MacOS, version 7.2.2, App Store.

  • vplewisvplewis Junior Member

    @ehogberg The App Store version is the issue. It can only be used with a subscription. You'll want to delete it completely and download the version from AgileBits. However, there is a license upgrade price for version 7. Or you can go back to the most recent version you've paid for.

  • ag_sebastianag_sebastian 1Password Alumni

    First of all, thanks @vplewis for the help. :)

    Hi @ehogberg!

    As @vplewis mentioned, in order to use 1Password 7, you need to have a 1Password account or a standalone 1Password 7 license.

    Depending on what you'd like to do, you can:

    1. Continue using the previous version of 1Password, if you have a license for it. You can download it from here, under the Legacy Versions section.
    2. Subscribe for a 1Password account.
    3. Purchase a Standalone version of 1Password 7. If you'd like to do that, download 1Password 7 from here, and then follow the instructions within the app.

    If you get stuck at any point, send us an email at and we'll do our best to help. Please mention this thread when you write in. :)

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