Windows Hello fingerprint prompt appears below windows

Hi there!

When using a laptop with a biometric fingerprint reader, the Windows Hello prompt opens below all other open windows when using both the 1Password extension and the app. This is the only app I've noticed that happening; all other Hello prompts are elevated above other windows.!

1Password Version: 7.2.581
Extension Version: Chrome
OS Version: Windows 10 Home
Sync Type:


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    edited December 2018

    Hi @descripteuer,

    Thanks for reporting this. We do not have control over the Windows Hello prompt or how it shows up. This would have to be a Windows issue. Have you tried rebooting yet?

    I did just test this and I cannot make Hello show up below other apps. We simply ask Windows to trigger the Hello prompt for you and it does the rest, we only step in when Windows tell us that your biometric authorization has passed and we should unlock.

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