Subdomains no longer match login on Chrome after latest update

I have the 1Password 7.2.2 Desktop client installed, and the "1Password extension (Desktop app required)" extension in Chrome installed (version Running the latest macOS 10.14.2.

After a recent update it seems that forms will no longer fill for subdomains ( when only the domain ( is registered as the login's website.

For example, if I browse to '' and the website '' is saved for a login, 1Password will no longer fill the login details into the form on Instead, it will open a new tab and navigate to To temporarily resolve this, I had to add in each individual subdomain so 1Password can fill the form with the login details.

Note: Just tested this in Safari (latest extension installed in Safari) and it looks like this is not an issue in Safari.


  • kaitlynkaitlyn

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    Hey @doverlock – welcome to the forum! I've attempted to recreate the issue, but I'm having a hard time getting the same outcome that you are. My setup matches yours quite well: 1Password 7.2.2, 1Password extension, Chrome 71.0.3578.98, macOS 10.14.2.

    The first subdomain that came to mind was I visited that site and attempted to fill my Login item, and it filled fine without opening another tab. Would you be comfortable with sharing the URLs of the subdomain you're having trouble with? I'd love to be able to do some testing and figure out why that's happening.

  • Hi @kaitlyn!

    The subdomain I was having an issue with was on my company's intranet. Your comment prompted me to try again, and sure enough this time it's working. I've restarted my computer since... entirely possible it was in a weird state. Sorry for the noise :)

  • ceceliacecelia

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    Hey @doverlock
    That's great! Funny how much a reboot can help sometimes. I'm glad you were able to get things sorted out.
    Let us know if the issue resurfaces or anything else comes up — We'll be here for you. ❤️

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