Automatically copy password when generated

In some other password manager tool, one thing that I liked was that when I generated a password, that it would automatically copy it to the clipboard so that I can immediately use it. I'd love to see this feature added to 1Password.

If you don't want to make the auto-copy a default feature, then please add it as an option on the password generator to allow auto-coping the generated passwords going forward.

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    Hi @dpiparo,

    Thanks for sharing your suggestion. I've moved this thread to our general Windows forum as this isn't related to the Windows beta builds.

    I presume you are referring to the password generator within the main 1Password window, not the generator from 1Password mini? We have a copy button that already copes the password to clipboard when you use the 1Password mini password generator.

    If yes, we'll have to review to see the potential issue where if it auto-copies the password, it may unintentionally expose your passwords to any clipboard managers you may be using.

    A lot of folks use the 1Password extension to fill in the password, this doesn't use the clipboard but if we start auto-copying password that's very sensitive, it's not a good idea. An option may be needed but we don't really want to add more settings at the same time.

  • I'm referring to any of the password generators throughout the app. Basically when I click Regenerate, I'd like it to generate and copy at the same time. I understand the sensitivities, which is why I was thinking it could added as an option on the Password Generator window.

    Typically if I'm using the Password Generator, it's to copy in a new password to a site I'm registering to or if I'm adding a new entry to 1Password.

    I would think this is a common use case, so a user copying the generated password would basically already be copying the password to their clipboard, so in that case, it's not as sensitive as you think to it automatically since they are already doing that manually.

    Hopefully this feature can be considered. Thanks.

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    Hi @dpiparo,

    We'll consider it. One thing we do plan is update the password generator in 1Password mini to support filling. So, you generate the new password and press fill, it can then send it to the extension to fill and 1Password then can prompt to update your new Login item. All of this without using your clipboard as well.

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