What's the best browser to use with 1Password?

I have 4 browsers on my MBA (Opera, FireFox, Chrome, and Safari). Sometimes 1Password works with the complete logon, but mostly I end up with the copy/paste routine. Sometimes that doesn't even work as I end up manually typing what shows in 1 password, but copy/paste doesn't work.

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  • brentybrenty 1Password Alumni

    @Starflyer: It's a good question. I wish I had an easy answer...but given that browsers are constantly evolving it really can depend on a lot of different factors and even change over time.

    Generally Chrome is a good option because of its popularity and consequent compatibility with websites and extensions. But if you're using 1Password for Mac version 7.2 or higher, Safari 12 may be even better. Apple has put a lot of effort into usability, privacy and security, and also efficiency (so it doesn't need nearly as much power as others). I say 1Password for Mac version 7.2+ specifically since we're now using a new Safari App Extension that is built right into the app.

    However, I will say that while each browser has its quirks, I use nearly all of them depending on what I'm doing, the platform, or just which one I happen to prefer at the time. They've all got their strengths, and we try to support a good variety of popular browsers since different people have different preferences.

    I'll also add that it's best to use the 1Password extensions for filling rather than copy and paste since all apps have access to the clipboard, and could capture sensitive information. Bypassing the clipboard means you just don't have to worry about it.

    Anyway, not quite a definitive answer, but I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other deceptively tough questions! :lol:

  • I've moved on from Safari and generally use either Opera or Chrome and neither one of them consistently fills in my logon data, resulting in copy/paste. Sometimes even paste doesn't work and I have to manually enter the password. That's fine with a PW like "sunshine", but a PITA for "2#4dldDT*%".

    Went back to Safari as my default browser and 1Password works fine there. 1Password 7.2.4 with macOS 10.14.1. However, no Safari anymore for Windows 10. Are you saying Chrome would be a good choice there?

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @Starflyer - I can't speak for what brenty may have been thinking, but if you're able to use 1Password to fill your passwords some of the time but not all of the time, then that suggests that you've likely got some malformed Login items. There ARE a few sites that just don't play nicely with 1Password under any circumstances, but these are thankfully pretty few. If this is happening to you more than infrequently, that's probably not the cause. What I'd recommend you do is, when you discover a site for which 1Password doesn't seem to auto-fill your data, try saving the item again in 1Password:

    1. Make sure you're at the main, dedicated sign-in page (if there is one - many sites allow you to sign in on the "front page," but they also have a dedicated sign-in page, such as https://twitter.com vs their dedicated sign-in page.
    2. Enter your data manually (or copy/paste from 1Password), then use these instructions to save the login manually.
    3. If it's a site that has the username/email on one page and then the password on a second page, you might try these instructions for multi-page logins.

    See if that helps any before you go juggling browsers in search of the perfect one, because - as brenty said, there really isn't one. I actually quite like the new Safari, but I've been using Brave for much of my day-to-day work recently. I've also used and enjoyed Vivaldi as well as the usual Chrome and Firefox, also. It's really a matter of taste and what works best for you. Last suggestion for you: if you're a 1password.com member, you might look into 1Password X. Hope this was helpful! :)

  • Thanks, I'll give that a try....

  • brentybrenty 1Password Alumni

    @Starflyer: I forgot to explicitly mention this, but I had it in mind when commenting earlier: Chrome is also a good option for cross-platform use, since it's available nearly everywhere (while Safari and Edge are not, for example). So having the consistency of using the same browser whether your on a PC or another device can be nice.

    Regarding the issues you alluded to, definitely let us know the specifics. We're using the same "Brain" for filling in all of our browser extensions, so if you're having trouble in one but not another on the same site that suggests something may need to be updated or configured. And if you have problems with a specific website, let us know the URL so we can test it. We're always working to improve 1Password. :)

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