Save form entry for SPECIFIC website form?

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I have a form I have to fill out often. There are text boxes, a date picker for birthdate and drop downs. Is it possible to have 1PW fill in ALL of the info (of any entry type) on the form for me, except for 2 fields I have to uniquely fill in on each submission? So far, I see no way to have drop downs and date picker data even saved?

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  • ag_sebastianag_sebastian 1Password Alumni

    Hi there @KizzashRules! :)

    While 1Password can fill forms with certain details using an Identity item, it's primary purpose is to be a password manager. Having said that, I'd like to see what can, and what can't be done in your case. If the form is public, would you mind sharing the link, so I could test it out?

    If not, you can try filling out all the information, and then manually save the login. You might then be able to use it as a Login item to populate all the fields you need, but there's no guarantee that will work for every single form.

  • KizzashRulesKizzashRules Junior Member

    Sorry, it is not a public form or one I can share. So I did this and it can recall the date picker field, all text entry fields, but NOT the drop down fields. Better than nothing but not 100% my goal :)

  • Hello @KizzashRules,

    Is it you wouldn't be comfortable sharing the link in our public support forum or it's a form that would be impossible for us to reach even if we took the conversation to email? Even taking it to email we would never ask for actual account credentials and if we did I would hope you would refuse such a request. I just want to make it's that there's no way we can see the page versus sharing in this more public setting.

    1Password can set a select element but I've seen designs where they use JavaScript and div elements. The former allows for the browser to render in ways suitable for that device e.g. iOS will replace the on-screen keyboard will a scrollable list and should work well with assistive technology such as VoiceOver. The latter can be adapted to match a wide range of design aesthetics. I'm not sure they have anything else going for them really.

    I don't know that this is the case here, everything is pretty much conjecture until we can see the page and inspect it. If it is impossible to view the page it's hard to say if there is anything we can do and if we should file an issue.

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