If you downloaded the 7.3.647 update (pulled quickly), you'll have to download 7.3.638 manually

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Hi guys,

We've quickly pulled the 7.3.647 update when we saw unexpected crash reports come in. We've quickly re-recompiled the same build and released it with no crashing issues in the 1Password 7.3.648 update here. We're not sure why the build crashed but we suspect a rare bug in the compiler we're using, we're investigating to prevent it from happening again.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but if you've downloaded 7.3.647, you'll have to manually download 7.3.648, it'll overwrite the bad 647 update and fix the issue for you.


  • just a suggestion here - i was hit with this bug and ended up downgrading to the stable branch off of the beta release channel. I couldnt get 1password to work, it would open and close immediately.

    It would be within agilebit's best interest to have a shortcut, separate app.... something that permits someone to login to the support forms even when the 1password app fails. How? I don't know, but that would be extremely helpful. I couldn't access my forum login

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    @notauser we are investigating options to prevent such issues in the future. One of the options is to keep previous build on disk and allow you to revert back to it if new build crashes constantly. Or suggest to revert to the stable build.

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    Hi @notauser,

    To expand on what Serg said, that's one of the reasons we're building our own installer in 1Password 7.3, to give us more flexibility like your idea as the previous third party tool wasn't good enough for us.

    However, we're still polishing the main tasks of the new installer, being able to install new updates without being blocked by external factors like anti-malware solutions. We've also added a proper working retry mechanism as well. We just haven't gotten to the extreme rare cases like when the app is not working correctly after the installer is done, that is something we plan to add in a future update.

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