1Password 7.3 Beta 7 (648) is available now. Happy New Year!

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[Note: if you downloaded 7.3.647 update in early morning of 2019-01-01, please read this]

Happy New Year!

We're starting 2019 off with another beta update for 1Password 7.3 as we're getting close to releasing it as a stable update soon. For this 7th Beta update, we've finished implementing the custom icon support for standalone vaults along with a few new features such as the ability to copy your One Time Password code via the quick copy menu, opening 1Password Settings from the notification tray, quickly create new item with Control + Shift + N shortcut, and much more you can find the changelog below.

[NEW] Added Copy One Time Password option to the quick copy menu on Logins (Control + Shift + C). {OPW-3230}
[NEW] Speaking of Quick Copy menu, it is now available in 1Password mini as well. {OPW-2507}
[NEW] Adding and modifying custom icons for standalone vaults is now available. {OPW-3231}
[NEW] Added Settings to the context menu on 1Password notification tray icon. {OPW-3261}
[NEW] New default credit card images for most popular credit card types. {OPW-1567}
[NEW] Control + Shift + N can be used to quickly create a new item for the category you're in. {OPW-3681}
[IMPROVED] Credit card numbers are formatted with spacing (determined by card type) for better readability. {OPW-3340}
[IMPROVED] 1Password can now select the right card type based on the credit card number being entered based on the IIN ranges. {OPW-3340}
[IMPROVED] New generated passwords will be word-wrapped in 1Password mini password generator. {OPW-1928}
[IMPROVED] When there is no subtitle to use for items in the item list, 1Password will show - instead. {OPW-3441}
[IMPROVED] When searching, switching vaults will retain the same search terms in the same category but switching categories now resets the search. {OPW-3465}
[IMPROVED] Type to select is available for the Type In Window list. {OPW-3524}
[IMPROVED] Translation updates.
[FIXED] In the item list, certain item subtitles would show an extra line due to an embedded EOL flag that wasn't filtered out. {OPW-3553}
[FIXED] Entering a custom value for credit card type that is not in the list was not being saved. {OPW-3421}


  • pbryanwpbryanw Junior Member

    Hi, I was going through the changelog above, and was interested in this improvement, although I'm a bit confused about what it involves: "[NEW] New default credit card images for most popular credit card types."

    I'm hoping you could answer a few questions about it, as I haven't noticed anything different about the icon for my credit card (HSBC), after this update:
    1. Is this US only at the moment and, if so, will it be rolling out to other countries at a later date?
    2. Does this change only apply to the image for each card type - so, VISA will be different to Mastercard, which will be different to JCB? Or, when it's working, will it show default images for each bank's credit card - so different images for HSBC, Nationwide or Barclay's credit cards (here in the UK)?

    Thank you :chuffed::+1:

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @pbryanw,

    Thanks for reporting it, it is a bug that is fixed already for the next beta build. Here's what it supposed to show:

    It is based on the card type; Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex. We hope to add more card images in the future.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @pbryanw,

    We've just shipped 7.3 Beta 8, please give it a try now and you should see the default card images for the most common card types.

    Closing this, so we can get feedback in that 7.3 Beta 8 thread.

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