How to map AD groups to 1Password groups?

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I'm testing 1Password for our business, and I've managed to get through the SCIM bridge deployment using Kubernetes on Azure (THAT was an adventure), and got the AD Enterprise app for 1Password all setup and communicating.

I'm lost on how to configure AD group to 1Password group mappings. I want to have people in certain AD groups have access to only certain 1Password vaults. I don't see any obvious way on either side (1Password or Azure AD) for how to set this up. Using "Users & Groups" pane in Azure AD, I've selected a specific Azure AD group ("1PasswordUsers") that I want to sync, but beyond that how do I setup the group mappings?

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  • cohixcohix

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    @rogersmj Thanks for writing in!

    The mapping is 1:1, for each group in Azure, you'll get the same group in 1Password. If you choose to only sync the 1PasswordUsers group, then that's the only group that will be created. The integration is designed to operate with the groups you already use in AD.

    Feel free to send me an email (connor [at] if you'd like to have a call with my team and I.

  • rogersmjrogersmj Junior Member

    @cohix Ah, I see now. I was very confused at first because what happened was a test user I had added to 1PasswordUsers AD group appeared in 1Password (so the provisioning was successful), but their group (1PasswordUsers) did not. Until I got back in several hours later, then the group was there. The missing group made me think I had to do something else to get the groups to sync...apparently there was just some kind of delay in the group showing up in the 1Password UI.

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    Ahh, sorry about that. That would have thrown me off too. Sometimes going to get a sandwich is all it takes. ;) But while I'm glad all is well now, we're here if you have questions about anything else. Cheers! :)

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