Diabetes NSW & ACT - New Portal - Update your details

On this new portal Diabetes NSW & ACT has introduced, they have a section for members to update details. To get to that section, one must first login - that was easy enough with 1Password. The next thing that they want is the member to enter their Membership Number and Last Name. The screen looks like this:

How do I get 1Password to complete that section automatically?
My thought was to add details to my login for the site, but that doesn't work. Nor does anything else that I've tried! 1Password keeps adding my email address to the Membership Number field. (My email address is the information used to login to the site.) Nothing gets added to the Last Name field.

What else do I need to tell you?

I'd love some help, please.

1Password Version: 1Password 6 Version 6.8.9 (689001) AgileBits Store
Extension Version: 1Password 4.7.3
OS Version: OS X 10.13.6
Sync Type: iCloud


  • Hello @froggy56,

    I'm not sure if I follow, are these fields that the site will need you to routinely fill as part of the standard sign-in process?

  • froggy56froggy56 Junior Member

    Thanks for your reply, and I’m sorry that I wasn’t clear.

    No, the details which are showing here are not part of the regular sign-in process, and will only be needed occasionally. They’re on a second screen.

    I hope that that’s clearer for you.

  • Hi @froggy56,

    Given the infrequent nature of the update screen if this were a site I used I would be tempted to add the two pieces of data as custom fields to the Login item. If you were on 1Password 7 for Mac I'd have suggested drag and drop using custom text fields. As you're on 1Password 6 for Mac if you anchor the item from 1Password mini (the keyboard shortcut ⌘O) you can click on a field to copy it into the macOS clipboard and then paste into the field while the anchored item remains accessible for the second field.

    The alternative is to create a second Login item using the steps laid out on our support page How to save a Login manually in your browser. The reason why I probably wouldn't go that route to start is the presence of a second Login item means the keyboard shortcut ⌘\ won't automatically fill without any further user interaction and would instead always present 1Password mini to select which item to fill with. So the longer the period between each update request the less optimal a second Login item becomes compared to simple copy and paste.

    Trying to get a single Login item to fill both is technically possible but the odds are against us. Login items are geared towards filling sign-in forms and the Login item was designed to work on one page. I'm assuming the details requested on the normal sign-in page are different from either on the second page making them two very distinct pages. The infrequency also likely mean opportunities to test will be sparse. It could be an interesting puzzle but it would be a lot of trial and error and in all probability with emphasis on the error. We can try if you wish but I expect one of the first two suggestions would be easier.

  • froggy56froggy56 Junior Member
    edited December 2018

    Thanks again for replying.

    Have understood you correctly in your first paragraph with me having done this?
    removed by 1Password

    I don't want to go any further until I have heard from you, if that's okay. And have I shown you enough detail in my screenshot for you to understand what I've done?


  • Hello @froggy56,

    I hope you don't mind but as those looked like real details I've removed the link to the image. Anybody can view these forums so I like to err on the side of caution.

    What the image showed looked like two custom fields and once saved they should be visible below the website fields in the Login item. Clicking on one should cause the default behaviour of copy to the macOS clipboard so that you can paste into the field on the page. I use this same approach for security questions and even take it a step further where I use the field label for the question and set the type of field to password so that by default the contents are obscured. By using the fields you can easily copy the contents.

    So it looks good and you should hopefully find you can copy and paste this way. Please let me know how you get along :smile:

  • froggy56froggy56 Junior Member

    Hi @littlebobbytables, I’m sorry, I really thought that I had replied to this message already.

    I think that what you have suggested that I do is the same as what I reported I did in my first post on this thread. I know that you don’t want me to post screenshots, but I can’t think of anything else which will show you what I have already done. What else do you suggest?

  • Hi @froggy56,

    Whilst I can't remember what the image precisely showed (I have a terrible memory) based on my last reply it sounded like it was set up as best as possible. 1Password won't fill but you can copy and paste as a way of making it easier. I do feel this is the best way forward assuming the additional page doesn't crop up too frequently.

  • froggy56froggy56 Junior Member

    Hi @littlebobbytables, I almost understand what you mean about having a terrible memory. Is that similar to the great forgettory which I have?

    I’m more than a little disappointed with 1P not being able to fill this. I have used this as an example which has cropped up in my usage, but I have encountered many other situations where similar things were needed.

    This was just one example. If this didn’t work, then I hold little to no hope for my other examples to do so, either.

  • Hi @froggy56,

    It isn't that 1Password can't be used but unless I'm misunderstanding something about the situation what I've suggested would be the most efficient way in the long run.

    If you really want, keep your existing Login item, the one you use routinely. Then the next time you're asked to confirm the details save an entirely new Login item using the steps detailed on How to save a Login manually in your browser.

    I did offer that suggestion earlier. The downside to that approach is you now have two Login items for this site. If you were used to 1Password automatically filling with the keyboard shortcut ⌘\ you will now find 1Password will always prompt and ask you which of the two items to select.

    That will work but as I said earlier, if the confirmation screen is a rare occurrence it seems to be that in the long run you will spend more time in the extra step of selecting the Login item to fill each time you sign in than it would take to copy and paste on those rare times you have the second screen. It's a trade-off and maybe it's one you're happy with.

    Getting a single Login item to fill multiple fields over different and distinct pages would be fragile at best and in all likelihood you would spend more time trying to get things to work than is saved from the filling. This is one path I cannot recommend.

  • froggy56froggy56 Junior Member

    If you really want, keep your existing Login item, the one you use routinely. Then the next time you're asked to confirm the details save an entirely new Login item using the steps detailed on How to save a Login manually in your browser.

    I did offer that suggestion earlier. …

    That will work but …

    It didn’t work.

    But I think that I have wasted more than enough of your time on this. I don’t want to overstay my welcome, especially as I have another question lined up. But that’s not for this week.

    Thanks for your assistance.


  • Hi @froggy56,

    So an entirely separate item, saved in the browser didn't fill the two fields? If just looking at the item saved I wouldn't expect it to display the two details as the way Login items are designed it's with an idea of a username and password but 1Password does store other details in the web form details. I would have hoped that filling with that item would fill the two fields.

    Can I ask, how often are you seeing that second page because it feels like you're seeing it quit frequently and 1Password aside that feels wrong, how often should they need to be asking you to update your details?

    Do post your other question once you're ready :smile: If it's filling related but for a completely separate site can you post as a new thread please and that way we can continue the conversation here if needed without any confusion.

  • froggy56froggy56 Junior Member

    Hi @littlebobbytables, I keep re-reading your first paragraph, but I don’t understand it. I’m sorry.

    Yes, the new question will definitely be in a new thread. There’s nothing worse than trying to make sense of two separate issues within one thread. Everyone gets confused.

  • Hello @froggy56,

    The next time you see the confirmation screen save an entirely new Login item using the steps detailed on How to save a Login manually in your browser. Don't worry about what is visible when you look at the item, instead, still inside the browser, clear both fields and attempt to fill using that brand new item. What fields fill?

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