Setting Up a Family Account

I looked through many of the family posts and didn't see this answered. Ideally, there would be a sticky at the top of the family forum about how to get started. So here is my situation and I will then ask some questions. I would like one shared vault for the family and 4 private vaults for each of us. I have created an account, using my personal email that will be associated to my private vault but when the account first opens there is private and a shared vault already set up and both are associated to my personal email address.

So, to the questions: Do I change the email address for the shared vault to our family email address or create a new shared vault associated to the family email address? For the private, I assume that I just make this my private vault and rename to my name? I understand how to invite the family members to the shared vault but do they then create their own private vault or do I create a vault for them and then invite them? if I create their private vault, how do I invite them? I do not see an invitation method from a specific vault. For instance, right now I have created a vault for each family member but don't see a way to invite them from within it but maybe I am approaching this incorrectly?

A step by step guide for family accounts would be very helpful.


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    Hi @ckink

    When you invite someone to join your membership they will create an account (pick a Master Password, be assigned a Secret Key, etc). As part of that process a private vault will be created for them, and they'll be given access to the built-in Shared vault. Each person can only have one private vault, but it is possible to create multiple shared vaults that one or more people have access to:

    Share passwords in 1Password Families

    Does that help? :)


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