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I have a family account. My friend has a personnal account. I want to share a vault with him. How can I do ? Can he migrate his personnal account to my family account for example ?


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  • Hello @Splinny,

    Yes we can definitely help you get your friend migrated over to your family account.

    If you would like you friend to join your family account you can invite them to the account:

    Once they receive the invite they will need to accept and set up a new account that is part of your family account.

    You will then need to confirm the invitation and they will be set up on your family.

    Now they can add the new account to their 1Password app. (Desktop app would be ideal):

    Once they have both accounts added they can move all their items from their "Personal" vault on the individual account to the "Personal" vault on the family account:

    Once all the items are moved over they can stop any subscriptions they have active on their personal account:

    Then the last step would be to remove the individual account from all their 1Password apps:
    1. In the app, go to the Accounts section in the settings for that app. There will be a list of accounts. Select the individual account and you should be able to remove it from the app.

    Hopefully following those instructions will get your friend up and running. Please let us know if you have any questions or if we can help along the way.

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