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Here's the story. I'm in the process of creating some documents for my wife in the case of my death. One of those documents concerns cancelling certain subscriptions that apply only to me ( various streaming services, Online NY Times subscription, etc.) I'm giving her instructions how to log into the appropriate sites and reach the "cancel" screen. I change my passwords on a regular basis ( usually once a quarter) and rather than having to update the document one item at a time I'd like a new feature in the export function where I could choose to only export specific items to a text file. For example Title, URL, User ID and Password. Then I could just update this file when I change passwords and print it out. I'm afraid that giving her 1Password and teaching her the unique steps to cancel on each of a bunch of sites she never visits would present too much of a learning curve and she'd probably quickly forget things she never uses ( I know I would) So I'm resorting to dead trees (paper.) This way others could also help out under a stressful situation.

I'm sure a lot of other people would find it useful to be able to generate a report with just the information that is important to a human being. Of course this is not encrypted but paper in a locked filing cabinet is pretty safe.

Thanks for your consideration.

1Password Version: 7.3.661
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OS Version: Windows 10
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    Thanks for your feedback, @Turbo53! The primarily role of exports is to move data from 1Password to a different password manager, so they are by their very nature not particularly readable by humans. Machines have no trouble of course, but our brains still work quite different from computer and reading an export would for sure be a challenge. I'm not sure we'd choose to call something like this an export, but I can see the utility for sure and would be happy to pass along your request. :+1:

    You can already choose to only export certain items, for what it might be worth. Select the items you want to export, right-click, choose export, and then choose your format when saving them. This will be way more info than you want, but if you went with CSV, you could remove columns as needed rather than having to delete bits of data for each item individually. Not perfect, but possible workable for the time being. I'd suggest giving it a try and seeing if it will serve for the moment. :chuffed:

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    @Turbo53 ,

    Perhaps instead... create a document that you print, which is an instruction sheet (like the 1Password Emergency Kit, but I expand on that):

    1. In the document, explain how to log into your computer / system.
    2. Write on the document your system's password and 1Password master password (do this manually via pen).
    3. In the document, explain how to login into 1Password.
    4. Create and use Tags in 1Password, say "Turbo53's Services". Include this tag name in the document, and instruct how to select it in 1Password.
    5. Add this Tag to any item that needs attention after you're unable.
    6. For any item you Tag with Turbo53's Services, use the Notes area to write detailed Login/Cancellation instructions, etc.
    7. Watch your wife practice the steps, to be sure she's able to follow the directions reliably. Have her give you feedback as to what isn't clear.

    Now you don't ever need to print out an ever-changing list, but instead, just one document that you control. You can also provide a copy to a third party such as an attorney.

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    Not a bad suggestion. Thank you! :)

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