Sync with Secondary iCloud account?

Hi. With the Dropbox device-limit double-cross, I'm looking at my options for what to do when the time comes that we add/change a device, and we'll be shut out of using that for sync of our 1Password data.

My wife has my iCloud as a secondary account on her devices, so that we can sync our contacts and calendars, and share purchases and iTunes Match. How do I tell 1Password to seek out the secondary iCloud in order to keep our vault synced? We have only one vault.

And before I get what seems to be the reflexive answer these days, I'm extraordinarily reluctant to move to a account. I'd like to keep my very recently purchased standalone license of 1Password 7 going on our Macs in conjunction with our purchased Pro features on iOS.

1Password Version: 7.2.5
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS X 10.14
Sync Type: Dropbox, but maybe iCloud?


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    Hi @Jeffois!

    If you want to sync your 1Password data using iCloud, you can only do that with the iCloud account that you are currently using on your device (i.e. your Apple ID). That's where your iCloud Drive data is stored, so that's the only place 1Password will be able to look.

    I know you mentioned this in your message, but a Families account will do all that you need. We built it exactly because it's more flexible that using third-party tools such as iCloud and Dropbox. A Families allows you to add multiple members to the accounts, and share data between them without any special configuration, so I still recommend you give that a try and see if that works for you. We have a 30 days free trial available so you can see if that's something you would like.

    Let me know your thoughts :)

  • My thoughts are that I’m not going to have much choice but to choose a membership at some point. I love the program, intensely dislike the subscription model for software.

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    The subscription model allows us to work around any limitation imposed by third party services so we don't have to rely on anyone to provide you with all the features 1Password has. So ultimately, this model benefits everyone, although I certainly understand where you are coming from.

  • I love the program, intensely dislike the subscription model for software.

    I was quite reluctant to switch to 1Password 7 as well and have been using Version 6 until January until I finally convinced myself to try the subscription model and I have to say, I haven't looked back since. The sync is working perfectly for me and is way faster than it was with third party sync options. Especially the family version provides a lot of functionality that was not possible with the standalone version, I really like having a shared vault with my wife and another shared vault with my parents for keeping our secrets without them knowing my MasterPassword. Having the ability to have my account restored by my wife and having the ability to restore my parent's accounts ist just great. The additional security of the Secret Key also puts my mind at ease.

    Also for security software I think subscriptions will be the only way forward, since it takes constant investment in developing the security architecture and reevaluating the threat model. Of course, there will always be design improvements, some new features etc. but the main work is not seen by the average user.

    1Password even made me reconsider my stance on subscription software in general and I have to admit I am not as reluctant as I used to be towards subscription models. For MS-Office for example, upgrade costs were substantial and Office 365 includes a lot of great features that do not exist in the standalone version via the OneDrive integration.

  • I purchased 1Password 7, just as the standalone.

    It's becoming apparent to me that the point is largely academic. I have more than three devices syncing with Dropbox, and it seems that the iCloud option isn't an option for me.

    So, I'll be trying the subscription soon. The alternative, of course, is a different program, but I think I dislike that option more than I do going to a subscription.

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    @peacekeeper, thank you so much for your feedback! We really appreciate it and I am super happy to hear that you and your family are enjoying 1Password and using all benefits a 1Password Membership is providing.


    We offer a 30 days free trial exactly to prove you how can work in any scenario, even when other tools don't ;) I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts! And of course, if you have any questions, we are here to help :)

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