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My wife set up a trial account and populated it with all of her logins. Meanwhile, I chose to purchase a Family plan and added her to the account. Now her trial has ended and her account appears as Frozen and we cannot figure out how to set up her account as a member of the family plan. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

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    Welcome to the forum, @sgages! What you (and your wife) have done, from your description of it, is set up two entirely separate accounts. Individual accounts are great for...individuals. But they can't just be "added" to 1Password Families accounts. In a 1Password Families account, one person signs up initially, and (s)he becomes the Family Organizer (like an Admin). That person then in turn invites other family members, who sign up to be a member of that 1Password Families account, directly.

    If you and your wife have decided that a 1Password Families account at $4.99/mo makes more sense than two Individual accounts (at $2.99/mo each), well, I concur with your choice -- especially since the 1Password Families account includes dead-simple sharing of items you both need, while also retaining a Private vault for each family member, for individual stuff. But you'll need to have your wife transfer her data within 1Password for Mac or 1Password for Windows. Here's how: sign into your own account in a browser, and click Invite People in the right sidebar. Send your wife an invite and have her sign up to be part of the 1Password Families account. Tell her to use the same Master Password she used on the other account, to avoid confusion. She will temporarily have two accounts; that's exactly what we want for her to be able to move the data over from one to the other. Once you confirm her subscription, have her add her account to the 1Password app. That should leave her with both accounts active. Next, have her copy all her items over from her frozen individual account into the Private vault of her 1Password Families account. Make sure she uses the COPY command, not the MOVE command, since the account is frozen (moving involves deleting from the source account which can't be done in Frozen mode, but copying can be done).

    Finally, when she's sure she's successfully migrated her data from the individual account into the 1Password Families account, she can sign out of the old Frozen account in any apps she was signed into it, and run only the 1Password Families account. You may also want to make your wife a Family Organizer as well; it means if you forget your Master Password or lose your Secret Key, she can help you recover your account, just like you can for her. Hope that helps! :)

  • Thank you Lars. We have followed all of your instructions and we are now stuck at trying to copy all of her items over. When we select items and go to Items > Share > , there are no locations listed to which to share. Any thoughts on what could be the problem?

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    Under the Items menu, do you see two entries before the Share entry, named "Copy to Vault" and "Move to Vault"?

    The Share menu is to send data outside of 1Password, but if all you are trying to do is move items from one vault to another, everything remains internal to 1Password, so you can use one of the other two options. Are you able to select those and list your vaults?

  • So I am following the instructions exactly as Lars presented them above:

    1. I invited my wife to be a part of the Family account
    2. She accepted and I confirmed her membership in the family
    3. As recommended, she used the same master password as her other (currently frozen) account
    4. She opened the 1Password app for Windows and logged in using her original individual (now frozen) account
    5. As instructed, we then went to Accounts > Sign into another account and tried to add her new Family account to the app.
    6. Unfortunately, we are unable to add the new account. We have all of the correct login info and she is able to log into the browser without problem however, when we attempt to add her account to the app, we receive the message "Your sign-in address, Secret Key, or Master Password is incorrect."
    7. We have tried dozens of times and always receive the same message. I tried deleting her membership in the family group and re-adding her several times and always receive the same message. If she logs out of her original (now frozen) account in the app, she can then log into her family app without problem.
    8. It seems that, despite instructions, she is unable to add her family account to the app while signed into her individual account.
    9. Please help - this is incredibly frustrating!

    Thank you.

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    @sgages: Is she able to sign into the family account on the 1Password website in the browser?

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    Yes - the problem seems to be that she can't log into the app with both accounts at the same time, which seems to be required to copy items.

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    Thanks for confirming. I'm not sure what the problem is though, since I and others are signed into multiple accounts in the apps -- unless you're using an outdated version of 1Password from before we made some changes to the sign in process. I'll reach out to you via email to get some more details to try to figure out what's going on in your case.

    ref: RKV-84786-788

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