Transition from personal subscription to family

I started a personal subscription in September, paid annually. If I upgrade now to a family subscription, what happens in terms of payment and subscription year end?

Also, can I confirm that with a family account, each member of my family would have their own private vault and also we would be able to have shared vault(s)?


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    Welcome to the forum, @peeble! Glad to hear you want to expand your 1Password use to the rest of the family, and yes, each person will have their own Private vault which not even you as Family Organizer can see the contents of. They will also have access to the family-wide Shared vault, as well as any other vaults they create or are invited to.

    Regarding billing, assuming you subscribed via our own billing provider (Stripe) and not the Mac App Store, this will be quite simple (and automatic): you just sign into your account in a browser and click the "Invite people" link on the right sidebar, and as soon as you do that, your account will be converted from an individual account to a 1Password Families account. Invite your family members, let them sign up, confirm their sign-up in the admin console, and you'll get a new invoice that will contain a credit for the "unused" portion of the rest of your year, plus a charge for that same amount of time for the new account. That way, you retain your original "anniversary" date. Prior to that anniversary date, you'd get another invoice for the new (1Password Families) amount for a year: $59.88. Hope that helps! :)

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