1password versions and upgrade on mac and windows so confusing

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1Password stand alone on Win 10 1809 64bit.
Chrome (latest version)
Chrome extension is installed and enabled, version
Clicking the 1p icon button in the Chrome toolbar does nothing. Double clicking a website with login from 1p stand alone launches webpage but does nothing with the login. Pressing control-\ does nothing at all.
Not sure what's going on, but it's useless right now.

1Password Version:
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 10 1809
Sync Type: Stand Alone



  • ok, i have just read that 1p no longer works with win 10 and chrome. that's not fun. so, i have a license for 1p that i run on my mac os, win 10 system, and ios devices. what are my options to use a working 1p across all these devices and without paying for a subscription? i am open to paying for a new updated stand alone version, but never a subscription based license and i do NOT want to store my 1p vaults in your cloud as i only want them on my very own local drives

  • i just checked and see my mac uses version 6. boy this is so confusing about what to do. it seems everything still works fine on my mac and chrome. not sure why 1p on windows is so much older than on my mac and never was an option i know of for version 6 on windows. no idea what the steps are to upgrade, if any, from my current mac and win versions.

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    I hope you don't mind, @ckp, I've moved your discussion to the 1Password 4 category since that's where most discussions about upgrading are. You can find a full rundown about the issue with 1Password 4 and Chrome here:


    The upgrade process and options are covered there as well. I'd start by giving that a look and if you have additional questions, just let me know. :+1:

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    I sure would like to know where the upgrade steps are for the scenario where you have 1p 6 stand alone on Mac already and 1p 4 stand alone on win 10. Things are working fine on my Mac with 1p 6. But if I want to use 1p on Windows as well, the best I can tell is that I must buy an upgrade to 7. Then what do I do on my Mac, buy an upgrade for Mac too? Then what are the upgrade steps? Uninstall or upgrade 1p 4 on my existing win 10 box? uninstall it first and reinstall? then upgrade my mac? Both my existing Mac and Windows are sharing the same vault files, so I don't want anything bad to happen there either. I see version 6 to 7 steps, but not for my versions and mix. So I want clear steps on the process please, @bundtkate

    Secondly, if I were to purchase the subscription (and I really don't like subscriptions), what would the process be there for the same systems and versions as noted above.

    To be totally honest, all of this is making me consider trying the free version of Lastpass.

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    @ckp - sorry for the confusion! You don't need to purchase an upgrade to version 7 on the Mac just to be able to use 1Password 7 for Windows on your PC. In your situation, you should be able to visit our downloads page and download 1Password 7 for Windows to your PC and install it. You can buy a license for 1Password 7 for Windows for the launch-special price of $49.99 (over 23% off the regular retail price of $64.99) and you should be all set.

    But since licenses for Mac and PC are sold individually, and you're using both, you may want to check out an even better option, which would be to take this opportunity to switch to a 1password.com membership. That's not only the best way to use 1Password today, it will also be considerably less-expensive for you. An individual 1password.com membership is $35.88 annually ($2.99/mo), and gives you all our 1Password apps at no extra charge including all future upgrades for as long as you maintain the membership. Considering that the individual apps are $65 each, that's $130 for both...and you'd need to do the same when new versions are released in order to stay current. You can try a 1password.com account free for 30 days; just sign up for an account and migrate your data. Let us know if you have any questions! :)

  • Thanks. The problem I have is that I don't want my vault in the cloud on your servers. You, as well as all the other cloud password services, are prime hacker targets. I'm sure you do all you can to secure things, but that doesn't stop all the breakins out there, including the ones that hit Lastpass. I'm also surely not going to spend $130 to upgrade mac and windows. There are other less costly options and even free options, but I like 1password. I tried Lastpass free version and it seems really easy to use, but it's in the cloud. So, I'm in a bit of a pickle.

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    @ckp: Indeed, that's our concern too. As bad as it would be for you as an individual to have your data compromised, we're responsible for protecting literally millions of 1Password users' data -- including our own -- so we've got a pretty big stake as well. We'd quickly be out of business if we didn't protect it.

    Fortunately, your 1Password data is end-to-end encrypted no matter what, so 1Password simply doesn't depend on the sync service to protect your data. 1Password is secure by design, not by chance. That applies no matter how you use 1Password, but 1Password membership accounts also have the added security of the Secret Key to protect against just the sort of thing you're thinking of: an attacker stealing there encrypted database form us. Since the Master Password which only you know is used to encrypt your data locally on your device along with the Secret Key, and they are never transmitted to us, only you have the means to decrypt the data. An attacker who breaks into our server cannot even perform a brute force attack against your Master Password, since the Secret Key is also needed. So you really can have the convenience of the cloud without sacrificing security. We actually wouldn't even offer this service otherwise. :)

  • So, can you tell me why I might choose to pay for 1p cloud than just use the free version of Lastpass, which also has extra security options? What do I get from 1p cloud that I don't get from free Lastpass? I haven't tried 1p cloud yet.

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    @ckp: I'll do my best. :) I can't really speak for any other product or service, only 1Password, since that's my area of expertise. The real answer, of course, is going to be different for everyone, but I'll do my best to highlight the big ones — the things we regularly hear from users that they love about 1Password:

    • Support

    I think this is one of the most important aspects of 1Password memberships. Time is money, after all. Whether there is a problem or if you just have a quick question, we're here for you. We always welcome customer feedback, and there isn't a fee or a limit to our support of our awesome customers. Everything is included. :chuffed:

    • Design

    This comes back to the notion that time is money. If everyone can start using 1Password quickly and easily understand new features when they are rolled out, then they save money on time that would otherwise be lost trying to figure something out or troubleshoot. If price is the only consideration, there are plenty of free tools available, but your time is more valuable than that.

    • Security

    Our security architecture means that a family organizer can recover accounts for other family members. We at AgileBits can never do that. We simply cannot perform a traditional "password reset" for you. With traditional password reset mechanisms, your secrets are only as secure as all your family members' email accounts. With 1Password, account recovery can only be initiated by a family organizer. Learn more in the 1Password Security Design White Paper.

    • Convenience

    Many people find that a 1Password subscription is valuable because gives them access to all of the apps, the web interface, and does away with license management and sync configuration altogether — you simply login to your account to authorize a device and access your data, whether in the app or a web browser. It's just a lot less hassle, without sacrificing security.

    • Privacy

    Last but definitely not least, we have sustainable prices so we can serve you for years to come without exploiting you or your data. It’s possible for a company to cut corners on pricing, but then they might need investors’ money, a buyer with deeper pockets, or — worst of all — advertising money at the expense of your privacy. We have gone out of our way to build 1Password so that we don't have information that we could misuse — or that someone who steals it from us could. It is not merely that we choose not to collect or use data about you; we have designed our systems so that we don’t have the capability to collect data about you. Learn more about 1Password privacy.

    That's 1Password in a nutshell. But as far as 1Password.com in particular, it's easier to manage a single subscription than it is to keep track of individual licenses across different platforms and version upgrades. The subscription model also allows us to build in features and services that wouldn't be feasible in the standalone apps, like central hosting and vault management — and travel mode.

    Anyway, if you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to let us know. Whatever you decide, stay safe out there! :)

  • Thank you @brenty . And yes, support is a big one. I'm already having one issue with Lastpass that might have an easy solution, but no way to easily find the answer or just ask. I appreciate your responses.

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    Hi @ckp,

    On behalf of Brenty you are very welcome! Please do not hesitate to raise any questions, we are always ready to help you with 1Password.


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    I am going to try the 1p subscription. I will look now for the process of switching from stand alone to subscription and account creation...
    Edit: found a link for this process...

  • gave up trying to figure out how to get my stand alone data into my new 1p cloud login.

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    @ckp: I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble migrating your data. Using this as a starting point:

    Move your existing 1Password data to a 1Password account

    Can you tell me specifically where you're running into trouble? If necessary we can move to email to exchange diagnostic information if your setup is exceptionally complex for some reason, but I'm sure we can sort it out. :)

  • i posted in the membership area about all the troubles i had. after spending a few hours of my life last night on all the troubles i had, i ended up finally finding most things out.

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    If you're all set, then that's great news! But if there is anything else we can help you with, just let us know. We're here for you. :chuffed:

  • I have one open item that Lars doesn't seem to be getting as I describe in a thread under memberships. On my Mac, I don't see any way to use my new 1p subscription in Safari. So, I have not found any extension to add to my Safari that will work with subscription. So, my Safari has no 1p icons in username and password fields and no toolbar icon for seeing the 1p menu. I would like to get that. My Chrome has it with the 1p X extension but I don't see anything for Safari unless I buy 1p 7 for Mac. Sometimes I use Safari as well.
    Maybe you know?

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    @ckp - that's because there IS no single browser-only extension for Safari that works directly with your 1password.com account in the way that 1Password X does in Firefox and Chrome. There likely never will be. The way to use your 1password.com account in Safari is by installing 1Password 7 for Mac (free of additional charge when you have a 1password.com account) onto your Mac. At first run, choose the option to sign into your 1password.com account. Assuming you're running Safari 12, it will automatically install the Safari App Extension into Safari, and you'll be able to use 1Password that way. Hope that helps, but if not, feel free to ask any follow-up questions.

  • aha, the missing secret sauce i didn't know is that i do indeed need 1p 7 installed and that i won't have to pay for it. so, i have 1p 6 installed now on this Mac Mojave laptop, so do I just install right on top without having to remove or do anything special to my 1p 6 install first?

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    @ckp - you should definitely not keep both versions installed, it can make launchd cranky.

    Fortunately, the first-run process for version 7 will notice you have version 6 installed, import your data directly from it, zip up the 1Password 6 app (and leave the zip file in your Applications folder), and allow you to continue that way. Did you already transfer your older standalone 1Password data into your 1password.com account? If so, then you can add your 1Password account to 1Password 6 for Mac (if you haven't already) before installing version 7, and then remove the now-unneeded Primary vault by clicking Preferences > Advanced and un-checking the box marked "Allow creation of vaults outside 1Password accounts". That way the upgrade from 6 --> 7 will be a simple process, no transferring required while upgrading.

  • So I have 1p 6 now on my Mac and it already has my 1password.com account in it. I already transferred my local vaults to 1password.com, but I am not deleting the local vaults in case I need to use them again to restore to 1password.com if something bad happens again. I needed to do such a restore once already so it's a good thing I kept my local vaults.
    So, does that sound like I'm all set and ready now to just double click 1p stand alone 7 and let it install and zip up the older version? It is not going to try to make any changes to my current 1password.com vaults it it, because I have them the way I want right now?

  • ckpckp
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    Well I went ahead and installed 1p 7. It did not have the path setting to my local vaults and I received a message notification on my mac that a problem was detected by 1password sync.
    The message wants me to click Ignore or Fix and I have no idea what "Fix" will do so I'm hesitant to click it.
    No idea if these are bad or not, but I think I need to set my local file vaults if I want to keep them.

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    If you've got things set up as you want in 1Password 6, @ckp, 1Password 7 won't change a thing about it. By default, it'll mirror what you've got in 1Password 6.

    Now, all of that said, I'd recommend still removing your standalone vault. This doesn't delete that data – it continues to exist on your sync service (either Dropbox or iCloud, most commonly) and you can always open it up again if you need it. :+1:

  • ckpckp
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    No, it did not mirror version 6 because when I look at the sync tab for local vaults it is now empty.
    It does somehow have my local vaults in the application, but I do not know where it's looking for those
    I will click Ignore on that fix/ignore notification. I'm not sure what will happen if I set the Sync tab usng Folder method to the location it used to be set with in 1p 6.

  • i went ahead and created a new folder for the sync, set the the new sync folders for the local vaults and let it copy to that new location. I think it's safe now for me to delete the old sync folders from the original sync location.

  • brentybrenty

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    @ckp: I am super confused now because earlier you were talking about memberships and now you're talking about local vaults. Can you clarify what you're trying to accomplish exactly so we can help you get sorted? :)

  • Sure @brenty . So, when I found out I still need a stand alone installed on my Mac because I want to also use Safari, I decided for the time being to keep my local vault copies until I feel confident in just having the 1password.com vaults. Having local vaults for now does not cause any issues at all for me. I just set everything everywhere in stand alone, 1password.com, and ios devices to use the 1password.com vault by default and only show that vault by default. So all good. I don't trust the 1password.com enough just yet =) , sorry. I had to use my local copy once so far to fix something I had done to my 1password.com vault at first, not knowing what would happen when letting it go ahead and import my google passwords. At this very moment, I have everything setup the way I want and like. The entire process was a torture and was time consuming. But I'm all set now. I hope it gets better for new migrations. Yes I know you're probably thinking, "but it is easy and there are no problems or troubles", well, I'm not so sure about that haha.

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    @ckp: Thanks for letting me know. I think there may be some confusion here though:

    when I found out I still need a stand alone installed on my Mac because I want to also use Safari

    1Password works with Safari whether you're using it with a 1Password membership or a standalone license. In either case, 1Password for Mac version 7 includes a built-in Safari App Extension for Safari 12, so there is nothing extra you need to install; you just need to enable it in Safari Preferences > Extensions.

    At this very moment, I have everything setup the way I want and like. The entire process was a torture and was time consuming. But I'm all set now. I hope it gets better for new migrations. Yes I know you're probably thinking, "but it is easy and there are no problems or troubles", well, I'm not so sure about that haha.

    There can definitely be troubles, and I'm sorry you've had them! But it sounds like you're doing a lot to make it more complicated than it needs to be. Certainly, that's your prerogative to do as you wish with your data on your device, but just keep in mind that you're more likely to run into complications when using 1Password in a way other than what it's designed for. For example, it's meant to be used with either a standalone license with local vaults, or a 1Password membership utilizing the subscription service. It's possible to use both, and it can work just find for you that way...but a lot of that depends on you not getting your wires crossed. So I do still think it would be best if you'd choose a path and stick with it, and the membership is by far the least friction, if you find yourself wishing for things to be easier. If you like doing things the hard way though, well...I can related to that on some level. Just don't force yourself to go that route if you don't enjoy the challenge. ;)

    In that spirit, I'd love to understand what you feel is holding you back from using the 1Password membership. There may be some misconception I can address, or just offer some insight that helps in some other way. Anyway, let me know. :)

  • Ok, so first off, I was told if I want to have the Safari extension that I need to have stand alone 7 installed on my Mac, so I did that, and that indeed gave me the Safari extension. If I could have had that Safari extension without stand alone, I don't know how because I didn't see any way to get it and your staff told me it only comes with stand alone. So to me, since I want to use Safari and Chrome, that means I need to have stand alone as well, since I want that 1p Safari extension features.
    So, I'm using 1password.com subscription for everything, along with a chrome and safari extension.
    I don't really see why you think I'm doing anything the hard way. So, the stand alone exists on my Mac with a local vault that I don't use for now. Why is that the hard way and why is that a problem? I'm not crossing any wires at all.
    You say I don't need stand alone at all. Then how can I keep my Safari plugin if I don't have stand alone on my Mac?

    When I mentioned the troubles migrating, that was simply because it was not simple and smooth. Your video for this migration process did not match up to what I saw when trying to migrate from my 1p 6 stand alone data to 1password.com. And then I had unexpected results when I let 1p import my Chrome passwords, which made a big mess I had to clean up. It imported these passwords into my category Logins when I thought it was just going to dump them all in the 1p Passwords category. In fact I don't even know what that Passwords section is for under Categories. All my logins are in the category Logins.

    Nothing is holding me back from using the membership. In fact that's exactly what I'm using, along with the extensions, since it's not very usable without browser extensions.

    I also tried Lastpass, which was really easy to setup, but there was no migration involved when i set this up. I'm still trying to decide if 1p is worth the price compared to free Lastpass. There isn't that much of a difference. But I do like the 1p secret key and master password compared to Lastpass's horrendous two factor authentication. And having a 1p support portal in case I have a question is a nice plus too, although it seems like I get conflicting answers from different people sometimes.

    I've always had issues with 1p stand alone, and now seems 1password.com as well, when it comes to passwords that have changed, or changing them on a webpage and 1p noticing this and asking to update the login info. Seems things often get messed up there, but I don't really want to get into it. I just try to avoid letting 1p notice changes and wanting to update existing entries by changing my website passwords without letting 1p update anything, then I go into that login in 1p, edit the login, and paste in the new password, and save. That seems to be the safest way to make sure all fields and values remain in tact, even though it's a pain.

  • brentybrenty

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    @ckp: No worries. Happy to help clear things up. :)

    1. You do need to pay in order to use the latest version of 1Password for Mac, which includes the Safari App Extension...but that's either by purchasing a "standalone" license for that specific version, or as part of a 1Password membership which includes all the apps. In case there's some confusion about this, the app is the same in both cases.
    2. Using both a 1Password membership account and "standalone" local vaults is the hard way, as evidenced by the confusion you're having with regard to setting things up. With a 1Password membership, if you just store all of your data encrypted in your account, you only need to sign into that account on each device to access your data -- no setup of individual vaults or syncing needed.
    3. We don't have control over Chrome or other 3rd party software's export processes, but if you are still having trouble getting your data into 1Password let me know the specifics. I can probably make some suggestions that will help.
    4. Password items are saved automatically when you fill a generated password, as a sort of safety net so you don't get locked out of an account if you don' save a Login item.
    5. I'm sorry if the way we're phrasing things when you ask questions in different ways can be a bit confusing. We're all just people and imperfect, and have different ways of looking at things, like you do. But you can always ask and we're happy to clarify if something is unclear to you. :)
    6. Changing passwords can definitely be troublesome, since no two websites have the same process to do this. It sounds like you're satisfied with your workflow, but we do have a guide that you might find helpful:

    Change your passwords and make them stronger

    And if you ever need help, just let us know the specifics and we'll be happy to investigate. :)

    In the end, m y concern is that you get the most out of 1Password. Part of that is using features that can make your life easier, and the other part is setting you up for success. With that last bit in mind, if you could check and verify the following, I'd appreciate it:

    • When you sign into your account on 1Password.com in your browser, all of your data is there
    • When you open the 1Password app on your devices, you don't have a Primary (local) vault there (which would be completely separate from your account, and could cause confusion)

    If you're all set on both counts, you're good to go. But if course if there's anything else we can help you with, just let us know. We're here for you. :)

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