Upgrading to Families: no iOS 10 support + no multiple personnal vault? Reconsidering then…

Hey there!

Being a longtime happy user of 1P, I recently “upgraded” to the Families plan, because I wanted them to finally have proper password management.

I took the trial opportunity to set it up, install all the apps on their laptops and phones… but two of these kept saying “please verify your Families info”. Turns out 1P Families does not support iOS 10 anymore (as I been told by the support, even if the whole app works perfectly beside).
Well, that's a bummer: 3 phones over 6 cannot be synced, and I'm obviously not gonna tell them to buy a new phone just to use 1P since I already had to convince them to change their passwords habits.

Later on, I realised you cannot have several personal vaults. So my additional vaults (Work and Archives) has now become shared vaults, that other family manager can access too. It's… I don't get how this is secure by design.

So now the trial is getting to the end, I really have to reconsider going further with 1P families. I was so happy so far with 1P but now I find myself in a situation where not all of them can use it properly and all my vaults are not personal anymore, and I spent too much time explaining to them how it works and how necessary it is to just… tell them we're abandoning it.

So yeah: what can I do? Are they any plan to make iOS 10 working again? Will multiple personal vaults be available for Families in the near future? 🙏

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    @Didjo: No, we have no plans to release updates for iOS 10. Apple doesn't either, and it's really not advisable to even use an outdated OS/browser on the internet since you'll be . We really can't recommend that. We're a security company, after all.

    You bring up some good points though. As far as I can tell, 1Password can still be used on iOS 10...but it sounds like you may be running into some difficulty due to the 1Password service moving forward and the old version of 1Password not doing the same. Our goal is definitely not to encourage people to use outdated software, especially when the internet and sensitive information is involved, but if you'll shoot me an email at [email protected] with the details of the issue you're having and post the Support ID you receive here, I'll be happy to look into it and see if there's something I can do to help. :)

    That said, and I completely understand that it's a bit of a tough sell -- literally -- to ask someone to drop some real money on new hardware though, apart from the security and compatibility benefits of upgrading, there are performance benefits as well. So I would suggest maybe working that angle. Apple has been making an effort to get people to upgrade by keeping previous models around at lower costs

    Finally, the "multiple Personal/Private vaults" is pretty complex even though it may seem simple on the surface, but it's something we'll continue to evaluate. I can't say for certain if or when that may change though, so if it is a deal breaker for you to use user-created vaults, you should make your decision based on what is currently possible. Even if you could create additional "Personal"/"Private" vaults, there are plenty of other problems with inviting family members who are not trustworthy and making them Organizers -- for example, they'd be able to remove you entirely. Food for thought.

  • Hi @brenty – thanks for this detailed answer.

    Of course I was not expecting 1P last versions and features to be available to an OS from Jul 2017, but since they have the Families feature on the app version they have on iOS 10, I really expected it to work, or at least sync.
    So now, is there any way I can make it work for them? Like having the Families account on their desktop app, and making the phones sync via iCloud or something?

    And yeah, so far being the only Organizer is the option I have to choose (even if that can be “dangerous”) but that means I'm the only one being able to have several private vaults as well. Not that much of a problem though – happy if you are indeed considering making this evolvement.


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    @Didjo: If you have a copy of your Emergency Kit in a safe place, it's okay if you don't have additional organizers. As I mentioned earlier, if you'd like to discuss your particular situation further, feel free to email me. :)

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