Import 1Password 4 Backup into 1Password 7

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I'm in the process of moving from 1Password 4 for Windows and to 1Password 7.

I had to replace my HDD, so I no longer have 1Password 4 installed on Windows 10 PC. However, I do have multiple backups from 1Password 4.

My backups are both *.agilekeychain_zip and *.opvault_zip backups files from my 1Password 4 account.

I have setup my 1Password 7 account/membership and installed the 1Password 7 app on my PC, but I cannot import my backup vault.

I'm attempting to follow the 1Password online Support Instructions ( for Windows: Restore a backup (e.g., created a folder called 1Password.opvault, right-click the .zip file you want to restore.... etc.).

However, when I right-click the file, there's no option to extract. I believe that's because the file's extension is *.agilekeychain_zip and not
a *.zip file.

Am I using the correct instruction to restore my *.agilekeychain_zip or *.opvault_zip backups files to 1Password 7?

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    @Steve_H: Backup archives and internal databases (which those archives often contain) from different platforms are not interchangeable. However, you can use an actual 1Password vault on any platform. It would be best to simply copy/sync the OPVault or AgileKeychain vault you were using in the first place to the new computer. Were you syncing your data? It would also be helpful to know the specific information requested at the bottom of your forum post, which you omitted. And let me know which vault format you were using in 1Password on the old computer (PC?) and we'll go from there. Thanks in advance! :)

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