Linking accounts with other data (credit cards, bank accounts, addresses, etc.)

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I'm in the process of moving (yay) and I'm currently in the process of auditing all of my online accounts. As I've been going through my accounts, I have been creating tags to help organize which accounts are tied to which credit card and any accounts that have my address saved. Tags work alright but I think this would be great to have as a first-class feature. For each account I would love to be able to just say Account A has Credit Card 1 saved and Address 1 saved. Account B is using Bank Account 1 and Address 2. And so forth.

Linking between all these items in 1Password would be very helpful for running account audits and stuff like that.
For example, 1Password knows when my debit card is about to expire so maybe it can tell me 'Hey! Your card is about to expire and you're using it on all of these accounts. Don't forget to update them!'
Or, since I'm moving, I can have 1Password spit out a checklist of all the accounts that have my current address so I know what to go and update.

The more I think about this data linking the more and more possibilities I can think of. Please consider implementing something like this!

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    I had not seen that! That looks great!

    I still stand by my second piece about 1P being able to smartly use those links (expiring credit cards, change of address etc) but it looks like the linking functionality is already there.

    Thanks for the info XIII!

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    Hi @AppleGeek,

    I am happy to hear that XIII was able to help you :)

    Thank you also for your feedback! I see how something like this could be useful to you. In the meantime, here is a suggestion that might work for you. I know that some users are doing something like this: you can add a tag with the name of your credit card, or the last 4 digits (or anything else that would work for you), and apply this tag to any account which is using that credit card.

    This way, when 1Password tells you that your credit card is about to expire, you could just click on that tag and see all of the websites where you are currently using this card. It requires an additional step to create the tag and apply it, but I hope you will find the suggestion useful :)

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